Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Too Busy to Drink my Tea!

image from "Escaping the Inkwell"
How many cups of tea and coffee have I left unfinished this past week?  Lots!  I seem to be trying to do too many new things and forgetting to finish the previous one.  I find a half-drunk cup by the computer, another in the workroom, another on the cupboard in the front room ...  

In an attempt to finish something I am adding this old make.  I found these pics lurking on the pc which I was going to show ages ago.  The item was an old jumper of Mr C's which had been put out for the bin due to a dribble on the front. 
  I cut the sleeves shorter and created a bolero-style open front.
I neatened the edges with a zig-zag machine stitch, pulling the fabric tightly to create a frilly hem and added two buttons and some lovely matching ribbon.
I also completed making redcurrant jelly with our garden produce.  Yum.  Must make a larger quantity next time.  I used labels photocopied from my new "The French-Inspired Home".  There's another thing that I haven't had time for - finishing reading this fab book.
And to complete today's post, yet another item to finish.  Well, to start really.  I bought this horrible (soon to be lovely) little stool from a charity shop and am itching to paint and recover.  Watch this space ...


  1. I know what you mean about the unfinished drinks - I have finally just finished one:) I look forward to seeing the finished stool - if only I could taste the jam too:)

  2. I smiled at your half full cups lying around. I do likewise. The more intense I work, the more cups accumulate.
    I am enjoying your completion of projects. We all start too many and the enthusiasm or project gets side tracted. It is a good tip to photo finished projects.

    Thanks, I'm enjoying your blog

  3. That top is lovely! A very creative re-vamp. Looking forward to seeing you at Woolfest on Friday! :) x x

  4. The cardi is fantastic - really creative! Our redcurrants aren't ripe yet - but it is always a struggle to get to them before the birds do.

    Pomona x