Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ring out the Old...

...Ring in the New!
In one hour and twenty minutes it will be 2012.
My wish for all you Blogland Lovelies is that your hearts are happy and your souls content throughout the year.  Keep stitching/knitting/crocheting/crafting and I'm sure it will all come true.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Into the Wild Wood

One cold, clear winter's day, when the sun was shining through the trees, Mr Toad, Ratty and Mole ventured into the Wild Wood.  
 Well, it was actually Mr C, Yours Truly and The Girl Genius, and the wood wasn't wild, but it made it exciting for my small person.
 It was so lovely to get out and blow away the festive cobwebs.
 The sun was low, even though it was morning, and it pretended to be twilight.
 Even the trees played their part in looking wild and mysteriously rooty.
 Does this path lead to the Gates of Dawn?
The robin puffed up his red waistcoast and sang his song of winter for us.

Happy Days

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A New Start

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

As you see, I have made a few changes to the blog design and have deleted the blogshop.  I have other irons in the fire and thought a fresh start would be a good idea.  

I've enjoyed reading all your festive posts, my lovelies, and will start again myself very soon. 

In the meantime, have a very Happy and Peaceful New Year! xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Solstice Girl Speaks

My birthday falls on 21 December, the Winter Solstice.
(Okay, it sort of sneaked into 22 December this year but I'm not taking any notice) 
Somehow that makes me feel quite special.  Most of my cards mentioned that I was special - Mr C said it meant "special needs" but I don't believe him!
Among the lovely pressies I received, my work colleagues bought me this fabulous bag from Past Times.  It's big so I should be able to get all my rubbish in there.
When The Girl Genius was a baby I made her a little pink Santa hat.  Three years on she still has it but it looks like a pimple on the top of her head now, so she asked me for another.  Yes, it also had to be pink.  I made her an elf hat so she can be a bit like Jovie from the end of "Elf".
 The rest of this post is just a curious little montage of festive things I snapped around the house in a bored moment.  The pics aren't very good but, hey, it's not a great camera so it's not all my fault!


Just in case I don't get chance to post again before the Big Day, do have a lovely Christmas.  Remember, my blog friends, as Greg Lake sang "The Christmas you get, you deserve", and you all deserve the best! xxx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Just Can't Get My Act Together

It's not that I'm not ready for Christmas.  I've sent the cards, wrapped all the gifts, decked the halls and bought the food.  I've finished the craft fairs and the fund-raising day and all I have is two and a half days to work then off for the hols.
It's just that I don't feel settled.  It might be just a jumbled mind that needs clearing but things don't seem quite "hunky-dory" if you get my meaning.  I haven't been able to settle down and write a blog that anyone would want to read, comment on or even think mildly interesting, yet I've read so many fabulous posts by other people.  My followers have even dropped under 50!  I guess I have to rethink it a bit next year.  I'm also worrying about Jasmine, the Girl Genius, who has not been herself, health-wise, since starting nursery school.  She's just not the lovely little person she was, always now feeling unwell and wittery.  I'm sure my children were the same when they started school, but I do fret about her.
I have managed to crochet a scarf and handwarmers in what I thought were lovely bright, complementary colours, and now I don't like them.  See how I'm wavering?

I am sure about the following though.

I love...
My daughter's friend's new shoes!

I hate ...
My Crap Secret Santa gift!
My fellow art workers and I always get together for a Christmas meal and we have "Crap Secret Santa".  The strict rules are:
1. It must cost less than a pound
2. It must come from a charity shop
3. It must be crap
Over the years we have had so much laughter with these gifts.  The worst (best) this year was an elderly, very battered handmade papier mache budgie the size of a parrot.  The all-time best (worst) gift was a huge plastic black rhino.  It takes very little to amuse me and my friends!

If you have any ideas for mind-clearing and thought-straightening tips, please let me know - otherwise I'm going straight back to the mulled wine again!

PS:  Well done, Harry!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Nose isn't Happy, but the Heart is

I am full of cold, with a thumping headache, but apart from that it's nearly Christmas, the pressies are bought and wrapped, the cards written and sent and the tree is up.  There are meals out with friends to look forward to, silly hats and carol singing in the office and best of all, my family all around me.  

Yesterday was the last Christmas Fair for us.  The lovely Bibbitybob and I share a little venture which we might talk about next year if it takes off, but anyway we have had several stands at fairs together so far.  This one was the Fabulous Christmas Fair which took place in Grimsby Minster, a beautiful church with, thankfully, underfloor heating.  
Here are a few shots of our table.

 This is a poor photo as she turned away just as I clicked, but the lady dressed as the Wicked Queen is Sue Holderness (Marlene from The Green, Green Grass) who is appearing in the local pantomime this year.  She bought a bag from the table next to me.
I have also found a little bit of time in the Christmas rush to finish a UFO.  Miss Peach Pudding's mum is also into vintage, so she was thrilled with this outfit, knitted up from a 1970's Golden Hands magazine.

So now, full of sniffles, snuffles and snorts, I'm going to curl up near the fire and knit and not think about anything more strenuous than who's going to win Strictly.  Harry? Chelsee? Jason? Holly? Alex?  Ooo, that's enough thinking for now...

Monday, 5 December 2011

Two Websites for your Pleasure and Delight!

Hmmm, after having a giveaway on achieving 50 followers, one has dropped off!  

Anyway, back to the point.  Surfing on the computer last night I came across these two related websites - 

You like knitting?
You like crochet?
You like vintage?


You'll like these!

And many, many more - all free!

Thanks so much to for the wonderful treasure trove of yarn-based loveliness.