Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sites of Frenchified Loveliness

My last post made me think of my lovely hol to Chateau Dumas, so I thought I would pass on a couple of websites regarding things I discovered at the textile course there.
Sewing notions don't come any prettier than Sajou.   Everything they sell is a tiny masterpiece of French vintage art and style.  Scroll down the home page a little and have a squint through the catalogue on the right.  Even the little thread cards and needle cases are amazing, and these are just examples of many sets.  
Thread Cards <br> Elbeuf ModelSajou Mercerie booklet <br> long darning needles
The second website is French General.  You wise old birds out there will probably already know this one but it's soooo pretty.  An American site, but with all the Gallic flair and charm  full of sewing stuff, jewellery, oddments and great inspiration.   
I think the lovely book, The French-Inspired Home by Kaari Meng, the owner of the company, is the bible of stylish Frenchness.  I kept meaning to buy it and, having just looked it up on Amazon for a good photo, somehow accidentally on purpose ordered it ... oops! :)
The French-Inspired Home, with French General
Have a lovely day, everyone! x


  1. Fancy that, what a silly thing to do :)I know you will love the book! as for Sajou it makes me drool so much.

  2. Thanks for passing on those sites! Have already visited French General and have a book by Kaari Meng BUT NOT THAT ONE!!!! Yay!!! Might just have to pop over to Amazon and accidentally buy it too!
    Will check out the other websire too as the stuff looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for your comment - just coming to check out the posts you mention!
    Gill xx