Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Arthur Swallow Antique and Home Show

What a fab day!  My lovely friend, Bibbitybob, and I pottered off to the Arthur Swallow Antique and Home Show at the Lincolnshire Showground this morning.  As we walked through the gates we nearly wet ourselves with excitement at the ENORMOUS array of stalls, tents and generally treasure-strewn grass!  Every other sound we made was "Ooooooooooo!"
This lovely table and chairs had no chance of getting in B's little car and anyway I couldn't afford it!
 There were tons of fantastic old suitcases which would have housed my stashes beautifully if I could have bought them all.  It was too hard to choose just one - so I didn't buy any.
 The furniture below would create the most wonderful shabby chic freestanding kitchen. 
 Couldn't resist this pic of a weary stall resident!  I also would have loved that little tiny chair for Jasmine.  She would be a real princess, sitting on its French Blue velvet seat.
 And now to my actual purchases.  This lovely cushion is entirely embroidered in tapestry wool and will look great on my workroom chair after a gentle wash.
 Two very cheap plates, one broken before purchase.  Doesn't matter because I got them to make a rather fabulous mosaic.  The only thing is I haven't yet decided what to "mosaic" on ...
 A lovely bundle of lace and ribbon for £1
 I couldn't resist this printer's cabinet which was £15 and which I bargained down to a tenner.  Every drawer has a complete (but jumbled up) set of different size and style letters.   
 It's going to be a labour of love to sort them all out!
 I love things with French words written on.  This fairly modern, but attractively vintage-styled box of photo albums is a treat.
 Don't know whether to put family photos in, as per box title, or small papery craft bits and pieces. What would you use it for?
Do go over to B's blog to look at her purchases and lots more lovely photos


  1. Don't forget the little basket you left in my car :) xx

  2. OOhhhh lucky you! And you did so well!
    Love the printers cabinet, what a baragin, with the trays of typeset letters still in it - amazing!
    Love your cushion too, and the pretty china!
    Those blue painted pieces of furniture make me want to grab a brush - they are gorgeous - not sure i couldve passed those by, but you'd need a van!
    Gill x

  3. B - totally forgot little basket! Woohoo, another great purchase! xx

  4. Great finds, love the stackable suitcases :).

    Sadie x

  5. Cool finds!

  6. What a great day out! I'd have been 'oooohing' at everything too. Particularly love that set of printers drawers you snagged... bargain! :) x

  7. Wow some amazing things there! i would have bought everything you took a photo of! love the suitcases and green furniture :) your buys are also fab, the lace, cushin and the printers drawers are amazing for a tenner! well done :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!