Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you so much, Gillyflower, for my Liebster Blog Award!  This is my first (hopefully not only) award in the Land of Blog and it made me so happy.  I will be passing it on at the earliest opportunity but first I believe I have to tell you seven things about myself.  Here goes ...

1. In 1978 I had quads!  That's right, four teeny-tiny little babies all at the same time!  Two girls and two boys.  A bit of a shock I can tell you as I had been having fertility treatment but believed there to be three babies.  One was hiding behind the others.  As you can imagine it was a hard life bringing them up, especially as we had very little money, but I wouldn't have been without them and they have totally enriched our lives.
2.  I lived in Plymouth for a few years.  We had to move back home to our families when we had the children as we needed help and for about five years I longed every day to be able to return.  It never happened and it was, in the long term, best that things turned out this way.  The children grew up here just two minutes from the beach, parks and excellent schools.  They made good friends who have remained so throughout their lives.  However I promised myself I would never visit Plymouth again so there is still a little itch there somewhere and I don't want to scratch it.
3. Don't let anyone tell you that Bulimia can't be cured.  I had it for several years, fought it and won.  I've remained at a happy, healthy weight for many years now and can comfortably eat what I like without the need to "pig out" and bring it back for another look!
4.  I have twice won visits to chateaux in France.  The first was to the Courvoisier cognac chateau in Jarnac and the second just last year to Chateau Dumas near Toulouse.  Fingers crossed for lucky number 3 ...
Chateau Courvoisier
Chateau Dumas
5. I can drive and have a full licence but have never driven a car alone.  It's silly but I just hate driving and am a little afraid of it.  I love being driven places though so if you fancy taking me somewhere, I'm a great companion!
6. My favourite holiday destination is Santa Eulalia in Ibiza.  I love the way it's fun but a little more sophisticated than other resorts like San Antonio.  I love the laid-back lifestyle and my ambition is to run a little craft shop at the harbour there.  (Well, a girl can dream!)
7.  My little granddaughter, Jasmine, is the light of my life these days, bless her, but in three weeks or so she will have a little cousin.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well and I will have some lovely news for you.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Trying to Catch Up with Myself

I suddenly seem to have so many things to do which are only half-done.  There's some knitting, some sewing, some books semi-read.  There are recipes I want to cook, tv programmes waiting on Catch Up TV to be caught up with.  People to see, places to go.  And always, always work to do.  Anyway, I have sneaked in a couple or three pics while I'm on here and I'll promise myself to sit down and have a proper chat with you at a later date.

My friend gave me the end of her roll of Harlequin "What a Hoot" wallpaper which now graces her kitchen.  My place mats were worn out but I salvaged three and decorated them with snippets of paper.  They'll soon wear out but they look great fun for now.
Jasmine has a little pinny and chef's hat at home, so I thought she needed one when she's here, cooking with Nanny.  Ran these up from an old pillow case!
 Son and daughter-in-law brought us a little gift on Sunday.  Can't wait to hang it up in the porch.  It's absolutely true, of course!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's Raining Babies

Yesterday evening was lovely.  It was my daughter-in-law's surprise baby shower and her mum and sister arranged a meal at a local hotel, the Dovedale.  I took loads of pictures but was mightily disappointed with my photographic skills as they were nearly all blurred.  This morning Mr C informed me that I had the camera on the wrong setting - doh!  We had lots of champagne and now I have a headache, but never mind.  Self-imposed poorliness doesn't deserve sympathy...

I made a baby book for her by buying an ordinary hardback A4 notebook and decorating the covers.  The expectant couple's theme is black and white as they don't know the gender.
 I also made favours for the table - little brooches from organza, crochet lace and vintage buttons.
  One of the other guests made a baby "cake" of nappies, mitts and bootees.
The lovely cupcakes were made by a fab local company, Katie's Cupcakes.
 Place setting
 Future mum opening gifts.  Just look at that fab Boden baby changing bag!  There were many, many "Aaaaawwwwwws!" as you can imagine.  I wish the beautiful clothes available nowadays for small people were around when my squad was tiny.  

Well, we'll all have to be patient for another few weeks...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

This Little Bird ...

I really should be going to work but decided to have a fresh coffee and a quick blog fix beforehand.
I've been making some cute little birdies with some scrap fabric which has been calling to me for ages. Here are a couple of samples.  I'm also going to try them out in scraps of embellished sari fabric I cut off a torn cushion.

We had some ripped plastic union flag bunting left over from our Eurovision party last week. I salvaged a couple of the A4-sized flags, ironed them onto white cotton under greaseproof paper and peeled the plastic off, leaving a pale imprint.  I then sewed up this shabby little bag.  The birdies are currently nesting in it.
I am no longer a whoopie virgin!  I tried my first baking session with these vanilla ones but didn't fancy the marshmallow filling so I used up some choccy butter icing I had in the freezer.  I also didn't have plain yogurt so experimented with Amore greek yogurt with walnuts!  Worked out fine (whew!)

Now for work ...

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stream of Consciousness Blogging

Sitting here with a glass of red wine and wondering what to write.
Actually the title says it all.  I have no special stories or photos to keep you amused so I'm just adding the latest pictures I've downloaded, with a vague comment on them.  

I couldn't let the Royal Wedding slip by without an homage to the Duchess of Cambridge.

 Jasmine thought she was drinking Buck's Fizz with the rest of us at Mr C's Eurovision Party.  (It was orange juice!)
 Why can't the men in my life pose for a sensible photo?
 The table having a quiet moment before the onslaught of burgers, sausages, pork steaks, goulash, dumplings and noodles.  Eurovision was held in Germany, hence the food theme.  Lots of German beer too.  And Black Forest Gateau.  And Redcurrant Bavarian Cream. (Nom, Nom, Nom...)
Here's a gratuitous picture of Blue.  Considering the biased voting they did very well!
image www.popplastic blogspot
And here is a picture of Jedward!

Friday, 13 May 2011

And the winner is...

Giddy Little Miss!

Giddy, if you are reading this, please contact me as you are the winner of my Fashionista Sister Draw!  One of my dolls will be making her way to you as soon as possible!
The name fits the holder as well!

Granddaughter Carrad, also known as Jasmine, randomly chose your name from folded papers in her favourite Tigger bowl.
As you can see, she isn't peeking!

I noticed several people have had their pets make the random draw, but Bridget just couldn't be bothered.  

My curly-wurly, loopy scarf is now complete and is surprisingly warm.  I'm looking forward to my next knitting drop-in session tomorrow.

Yesterday I embarked on a new craft, attending a six-week beginner's course in Decorative Glass.  So far I have only learnt Health and Safety and how to cut glass without removing a digit in the process.  There was nothing of interest to take a photo of, so I'm adding a pic of something to aspire to.  Probably won't manage this in six weeks, though!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Well now, everything I'm doing seems to be moving very slowly at the moment.  This is not like me because I like jumping in and getting stuff done as quickly as possible - I'm always an idea or two ahead of myself.  However, the knitting is growing steadily, the spare bedroom is being decorating steadily, the garden is getting tidied steadily, and on... and on... 

I'm usually the
 but I'm currently the

I have added a little bit more to the spare bedroom with a chandelier today.  So pretty and sparkly.

Since the garden is in a state of greenery but not yet flower/veg loveliness I am being a bit quirky and adding some pics of strange little areas of the environs of Carrad Towers:

By the way, I am overjoyed to have achieved 20 followers (yes, I know many of you have hundreds!) so the Fashionista Sister Prize Draw will be taking place very soon.
Keep an eye out!