Saturday, 29 October 2011

Last Chance Saloon for the Teatime Giveaway!

The countdown is on this weekend for my Giveaway.  The draw will be made on All Hallow's Eve (Monday to you!)
Witch with boiling cauldren
It should be out of a cauldron, but will probably have to be out of a hat.

If you would like a chance for some nice freebies, please go to teatime-giveaway and post a comment by 31 October.  
Good luck, lovelies!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Walk This Way ... to the Beach

I thought you might like to see the walk from my house to the beach, along my favourite street.  The seafront is all of two minutes away, so ... we go out of my front door, up my own street and turn left.
 The Paint Box, run by Julie, is a favourite of The Girl Genius who loves to paint.  There's a huge range of blank, white ceramics to decorate in your favourite style and colours, plus a warm welcome and a cuppa.
 The Brasserie is a new French cafe and is half of an old public house called "The Queen's"  We never did know what bit of the Queen it celebrated!  Haven't been in here yet but looking forward to it.
 This is Sea View Street, shame about the cars in the way.  It's in the oldest part of town and has seen many changes but has always kept a charm of its own.
 Guru is a fab clothing and shoe shop with some amazing fashions, albeit out my price range.  This is the other half of The Queen's.
 Mercers's, my favourite local coffee haunt.  They're great with children so it's a pleasure to take The GG here.
 La Vie en Rose, run by the lovely Kathy, has some of the most wonderful clothes in the world here.  Many are Magnolia Pearl and Ewa i Walla - soooo beautiful but even more expensive than Guru, sadly.  I sell my dolls here at Christmas time.
Abode houses some wonderful Shabby Chic, French-styled furniture and accessories.  I buy a few gifts for special friends here.
 I have never been in Papillon, this lovely children's clothes shop, but have picked up some great ideas from the window display.
 The Girl Genius passed by Hermes Antiques once when she was even tinier and asked "Bargain Hunt?".  I think she thought she saw Tim Wonnacott in there!
Super-duper cookshop, La Cocina stocks Jamie Oliver, Maxwell Williams and Cath Kidston among other great brands.
Cote Est is a newcomer to the street.  The young man who runs it with his parents has a wonderful sense of style that's a bit different to the usual shabby/vintage option.  He also sells statement flowers - those huge, glorious blooms that you buy just one or two of, put in a vast vase and point your visitors at.
 P & L Interiors - my source for Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and scraps of gorgeous fabrics from the remnant baskets.  I'm frequently to be found sitting on the floor rummaging through the baskets for textile treasure.
 Tillett's stock Joules and other excellent brands.  Note the pink wellies!
 You want Emma Bridgewater, Pilgrim, ceramic cupcakes, bunting, Hello Kitty, union flag accessories - J.K's stocks it.
 Marples is another very good cafe though we don't go in here nearly as much as we used to, ever since they twice failed to bring Mr C his teacake!
 Think Bubbles stocks Oillily, Lapagayo and other trendy children's togs as well as accessories and lovely ladies' items.
 J.K's other shop, containing shoes, boots and unusual furniture.  These last two shops are situated at the base of a set of pricey apartments called "The Point" which overlook the water.  

We're now at the end of the street.  Look right ...
 ... look left 
 ... and look back down the street.
 Here you are at the beach, looking down towards the Leisure Centre and Boating Lake.
 This way towards the folly called Ross Castle, and the Pier.
Hope you enjoyed your little walk in the sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend and do have a go at the Giveaway!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Have we said Goodbye to Summer?

It would seem so today, but we had a beautiful weekend.  Warm enough, in fact, to have what may be the final appearance of the mighty Beefmaster barbecue and the marquee.  The whole family came over to celebrate the "retiredundancy" of Mr C and the forthcoming birthday of the Junior C's.  Did I ever tell you my children are quads?  I think I did, but there - I've told you again!

 Well, we made a bit of an effort with the balloons!
 Mr C is something of a pyromaniac and this represents the time he accidentally set the garden on fire and melted the watering can completely flat.
 Mr C receives an electricity meter award from the Girl Genius for his many years of hard work in the industry.
 Dog and Daughter-in-Law attempt to sit on the same bit of the sofa.
The GG and Miss Peach Pudding.  Can you see the rash round the GG's mouth?  Poor Jasmine has such a horrid skin condition which seems to be eczema but the specialists aren't sure.  Sometimes it all goes and other times she has rashes all over and cries and cries.  I wish we could magic her better. 

I have so many UFO's to do and so many objects not even started.  Therefore I naturally picked up yet another at a second-hand shop - a footstool to shabby up.
 The fabric is quite nice but very dirty and badly attached.  I'll wash it and use it for something else.

Just to finish off, a picture of teeny tiny pumpkins to remind you of the season.

  And don't forget the Giveaway! (see side panel)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

In which things come to bits ...

I have an original ceiling to floor cupboard in my living room which dates from the mid-1800's.  It's been stripped down years ago after having horrible plywood boards over it in the 1960's.  I'd like to paint it but Mr C (like the computer) says "no".
 However, now he's retired he's having a big de-clutter and I agree with him - just look at the tat in here!
 But ... OOOOOOOPS!  I took down a big book which was apparently holding up the ceiling, as I vanished under a show of plaster dust.  Scary naked wiring!!  Another little job for the man himself, I fear.
 After I dusted myself down (well, washed my hair, face and specs) and cleaned the floor I decided it was a things coming to bits day.  I grabbed a coffee and launched into unscrewing this old and battered sewing thingy.
I feel that in there somewhere is a planter, pretty keepsake boxes and at least a couple of mobiles.  Watch this space.
I've been a bit disappointed ... the lack of replies to my Giveaway - don't you want anything for free, ladies? 
Have a peek at my last post and get in there!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

It's here at last! My Teatime Giveaway!

I bet you thought it was never going to happen, my lovelies!

I have finally sorted out some scrummy things for my giveaway, and since there has been quite a flurry of tea towel based posts in Blogland recently I have based it around "Teatime"

You can win...
the necessary basics - tea, coffee and choccy ...
... a rosy mug to put your drink in, two coasters made from the seams of jeans and a tray cloth to stand everything on ...
 ... two books to read while you're chilling with your drink and choc ...
... to get lots of new ideas ...
 ... a Mollie Makes Kit to get you sewing afterwards ...
 ... two tea-dyed cotton pieces, about fat quarter size ...
... tea and coffee coloured lace and ribbon ...
 ... and two tea towels ...
... to wash up with after your relaxing break.

All you have to do is:
1. Be a follower
2. Post me with your favourite cake or biscuit.  Mine are custard creams and custard slices (hmm, I see a pattern forming here!) 
3. Share my giveaway on your blog for an extra go.  I'm not sure yet how to pass on a link, so just post this pic with my blog link, please.

Good luck!  I'll draw the lucky winner on Hallowe'en.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dosie Rosie's Giveaway!

Not quite my giveaway yet, but it's nearly there!

Meanwhile, why not visit Dosie Rosie and try to win her lovely book or needlework kit ...