Friday, 10 June 2011

Drought? What Drought?

... she said as the rain cascaded down.  
Jasmine and I were in the park when the first raindrops fell but arrived home reasonably dry.  Five minutes later we were watching the back garden sail away in the flood.  On Wednesday, Bibbitybob and I were caught in a hailstorm of biblical proportions.  
I guess none of this is enough for the poor old farmers, though and it's such a shame that crops may be ruined by a real water shortage.  I wish much rain centred over their fields and lovely sunny rays over me!
Here's the previously-mentioned cushion, washed and restuffed, on my workroom chair.  Haven't tried it out yet for comfort: far too busy to sit down...
 Speaking of the lovely Bibs, I was appalled when she threw away an old handle from her wonderful enamel tub purchase at the Antique and Home Show!  It went from the ground to my holdall and thence to my workroom.  I stripped the broken cane wrapping, painted and distressed the worn handle and bound the sides with pretty fabric.  Now I need to think of something to attach it to.  Still can't believe you let something useful go, my dear, but thank you! :) 


  1. Glad you've finally got some rain over in sunny Lincolnshire! Its been more or less non-stop in Cumbria but I suppose that doesn't help much. Did you take the picture of the hail stones? Looks epic! :) x

  2. Hello...thank you for stopping by over at my blog.
    Glad you found me...lovely blog.
    My daughter is studying at Grimsby...I miss her.
    Really enjoyed visiting. Thank you.

  3. Haha, nothing like naming and shaming!! Although you make it sound like I threw it on the ground ;) look forwards to seeing what good use you put it to xx

  4. Bibs, I think it was more like I snatched it out your hand in a fit of possession! x
    Hensteeth, Hi and glad to know you. x
    F, not my pic but it felt like it! x