Friday, 17 June 2011

Getting Things Finished

Hooray!  Three completed projects!
 Broken plate plant pot.  It's meant to be quite rustic, hence the imperfect edges (she persuaded herself).  I painted the rim and a little way inside with midnight blue enamel paint.  Now for a suitable plant ...
 Granddaughter cardi.  It only just fits - I didn't realise how much she'd grown.  As usual, I've taken a photo of her looking quite solemn as her smile is lovely when it natural but, posed for a pic, looks like she's about to bite someone!
Glass suncatcher.  Pity about the weather in the background, but hopefully the sun will shine through it one day.  I cut, ground, copper-foiled, soldered and patina'd this all by myself so I'm quite pleased with my first effort.

Now for a couple of purchases ...
 Just had to treat myself - these little tea-leaf pyramids are from TK Maxx and have lots of different and exotic flavours such as Berry Patch, White Lavender, Tropical Sorbet and Mint Julep. Mmmmmm ....
 This is a tea-bag, lolling seductively in my old teacup.  Of course, I can't wait to find an interesting use for the cardboard pyramids when the tea is drunk.  Any ideas?
Charity Shop Frock.  I have a posh dinner coming up soon and think I might wear this floaty number.

One more Upcycle ...
Three old spaghetti jars.  With tops painted and decorated with photocopied CK prints, they make great storage jars for my buttons, lace and ribbons.

Hope the rain makes your plants grow... x


  1. Hi Carrad, so lovely of you to pop by for a visit and to follow little old me........You are quite something on the recycling front yopurself..........LOVE the upcycled spaggetti jars and mosaic plant pot...........wondering what you'll be making with your little teabag pyramids.

    Have a great weekend,

    lily x

    lily x

  2. Wow, Lily, that was quick! You have a great weekend too xxx

  3. OOoh nice to see someone finishing something nice & creative. My achievements have been accounts related ugh dull dull dull. Hope to do something nicer tonight though!
    Great makings too you clever lady xx Claire