Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Rest of Fest

I was surprisingly frugal at the Woolfest (see previous post) even though I had taken quite a bit of cash.  I did nearly buy a wonderful recycled sweater made from several other sweaters, but had one of those "I could make this myself" moments and now I will have to try to make this thought good.

I bought ...
 A hank of natural undyed wool from a bargain basket.  Contemplating knitting this into a little dog.
 A bag of angora fluff from Toblerone, the chocolate-eared bunny.  It's so soft, like wisps of smoke.
 Two bags of natural dyed rough fleece.  May be brooches, may not.
A fabulous book on simple, natural dyeing from stuff you already have in the kitchen or garden.  I'm "dyeing" to get started but so many other things need doing first.

I loved these items made by such talented crafters.  I should have noted who they were to acknowledge the images but forgot, so I hope they don't mind a bit of anonymous publicity...
 Beautiful crocheted hats
 Beautiful felted hats and vases
Beautiful knitted and felted scarves

And to finish ...
One week on from "Knit in Public" Day, I managed to do so on the train coming home.  I didn't stab anyone with the needles although I did accidentally prod a sleeping Japanese gentleman sitting next to me.  He didn't wake up, luckily!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Woolfest and its Fluffy Inhabitants

Woolfest - a Festival of Wool!

The Cast 
Carrad, your blogger
Lovely Friend of Carrad, more years than we care to remember!
Flyhoof, Daughter of LFofC and excellent blogger
Mr Flyhoof, he of the woolly hat

This was the first time I've visited this fantastic celebration of all things woolly and it won't be the last.  I visited LFofC for a few days as she lives in Kendal and on Friday we zoomed off to Cockermouth, meeting up with Flyhoof and Mr Flyhoof.  This lady knows no bounds when it comes to spinning and weaving and was last seen tottering back to the car with half a herd of fleeces in her arms.  I can't wait to see what she does with them - it will be fabulous, for sure!

The building in which the event was held was huge - and it had to be, to hold all the fantastic stalls, demonstrations and general loveliness. 
This is just a little corner of the building from our picnic bank, but it shows the beautiful setting
 I have other things to chat about on a further blog so will concentrate on the gorgeous livestock for now:
Had to take a photo of this Angora bunny as she has the same name as  Grandbaby  C No  1
Alpacas have such beautiful faces, sort of sheepy but squished up.  
See what I mean?  And look at those gorgeous eyes!
Not easy to see but there was a little parade of amazing sheep by the Rare Breeds Society
I am just rubbish at remembering which sheep are which so I'll just leave you with some photos of pretty jumpers on legs.


More woolly stuff next post x

Monday, 27 June 2011

It's a Pink One!

Hello again!  My internet connection has been down and I haven't been able to tell you my lovely news!  Anyway, it's back now, so I can...
Baby Girl Sitting Clip Art
Little Pink Grandbaby Number 2 has arrived!

Eves Violet arrived on Saturday at 10.16 am, weighing in at 6 lbs 1 oz.  Mummy and Daddy didn't know which sex so it was a lovely surprise.  All is well and we think she is very beautiful.  Other people will think she looks like a little crumpled blob.  
Me with my Mummy
Me with my Nanny C
Me all by myself
Me in my first artistic shot
 Grandbaby Number 1, Jasmine, says they are going to be best friends, but they haven't met yet as she is "on 'oliday in a caravan, Nanny!" 
Sunny Scarborough
I have also been to the Cockermouth Woolfest, which was very exciting, but will have to wait for the next blog - keep watching!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Too Busy to Drink my Tea!

image from "Escaping the Inkwell"
How many cups of tea and coffee have I left unfinished this past week?  Lots!  I seem to be trying to do too many new things and forgetting to finish the previous one.  I find a half-drunk cup by the computer, another in the workroom, another on the cupboard in the front room ...  

In an attempt to finish something I am adding this old make.  I found these pics lurking on the pc which I was going to show ages ago.  The item was an old jumper of Mr C's which had been put out for the bin due to a dribble on the front. 
  I cut the sleeves shorter and created a bolero-style open front.
I neatened the edges with a zig-zag machine stitch, pulling the fabric tightly to create a frilly hem and added two buttons and some lovely matching ribbon.
I also completed making redcurrant jelly with our garden produce.  Yum.  Must make a larger quantity next time.  I used labels photocopied from my new "The French-Inspired Home".  There's another thing that I haven't had time for - finishing reading this fab book.
And to complete today's post, yet another item to finish.  Well, to start really.  I bought this horrible (soon to be lovely) little stool from a charity shop and am itching to paint and recover.  Watch this space ...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Blogshop is Open!

Hi all,  just to let you know that I have opened a blogshop!  
copyright as above
It's very rough and ready at the moment and the photos taken are pretty poor but I wanted to get it started.  I'd ummmmm'd and ahhhhhh'd for far too long.  I've added a few Fashionista Sister dolls and a few little decorative "houses" to start with.  There's also a link down the side of this blog somewhere.  

Hope you'll stop by sometime.

Have a lovely weekend and   
Happy Father's Day to all those "Mr ..." blog-partners out there!  
Wish mine was still here to enjoy it (love you, Dad)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Getting Things Finished

Hooray!  Three completed projects!
 Broken plate plant pot.  It's meant to be quite rustic, hence the imperfect edges (she persuaded herself).  I painted the rim and a little way inside with midnight blue enamel paint.  Now for a suitable plant ...
 Granddaughter cardi.  It only just fits - I didn't realise how much she'd grown.  As usual, I've taken a photo of her looking quite solemn as her smile is lovely when it natural but, posed for a pic, looks like she's about to bite someone!
Glass suncatcher.  Pity about the weather in the background, but hopefully the sun will shine through it one day.  I cut, ground, copper-foiled, soldered and patina'd this all by myself so I'm quite pleased with my first effort.

Now for a couple of purchases ...
 Just had to treat myself - these little tea-leaf pyramids are from TK Maxx and have lots of different and exotic flavours such as Berry Patch, White Lavender, Tropical Sorbet and Mint Julep. Mmmmmm ....
 This is a tea-bag, lolling seductively in my old teacup.  Of course, I can't wait to find an interesting use for the cardboard pyramids when the tea is drunk.  Any ideas?
Charity Shop Frock.  I have a posh dinner coming up soon and think I might wear this floaty number.

One more Upcycle ...
Three old spaghetti jars.  With tops painted and decorated with photocopied CK prints, they make great storage jars for my buttons, lace and ribbons.

Hope the rain makes your plants grow... x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Quick Georgia O'Keefe

A flying visit to blogland today, but I thought you might like my photo suite impressions of a few of our garden flowers.  I'm clearly wearing my Georgia O'Keefe head today!

Monday, 13 June 2011

La Chambre a Coucher et Le... Cardigan

I don't know what cardi is in French, however I had to go a little continental as I have moved further along the path of completing my mini-chateau style spare bedroom.  Those who have followed the tale so far will know that I have been waiting for curtains - well, they finally arrived, even though the Paypal address sprang up as Antrim instead of North East Lincs!
Please excuse the quality of photo.  Camera said "No", for some reason.  I'm really pleased with them as they are just the silver-grey of the covering I made for the little stool.
My home-made letters are hanging on the curtain rail by a lovely blue ribbon and indicate to anyone who hadn't cottoned on, what the theme of the room is.

If you love romantic French chic, take a look at the stylish website, The French Bedroom Company, which isn't cheap but is full of inspiration.  And who doesn't love an armoire?

I have finally finished the little cardi I've been making for Jasmine.  Here it is in its infancy ...
... and here it is complete (except for button).
Hopefully the little miss will like it and let me take a picture of her wearing it for you.
Now just let me onto the next woolly project!