Tuesday, 19 February 2013

At a Very Funny Stage...

This retirement lark is a very strange one...
It's been three weeks now and the holiday mode is fading.  This is it - sort of.  I have enjoyed having more time to stitch and knit and crochet and read, all the things I love but I feel quite guilty about it.  I know it's stupid - I worked enough years to deserve a bit of me-time, but "guilty" must be my default feeling.  The babysitting still takes a couple of days out of my busy "Me" schedule, however, and poor Mr C is battling bravely with having me trampling all over his own "Me" time.

Anyhoo ...

These are my most recent makes.
 A jazzy little cushion to use up scraps of fabric
The start of a rustic French table setting.  I intend to make more, such as a bread bag and candle holders.  Mr C is a huge Eurovision fan (yes, I know, I know!) and we have a family party every year with a different country's theme.  This year it's France so it's a French dinner party.  He's already thinking about trying out his Bouillabaisse and Tarte Tatin!

Much love to you all xxx

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Can You Hear The People Sing...?

Hurrah for not being at work on Wednesdays any more.  I can now do Orange Wednesdays and get a cheeky, cheapy afternoon trip to the cinema for half the price.
This week, therefore I had all my emotions wrung out with "Les Miserables"

I know some people didn't like the singing being live and by actors who were technically not singers but I loved it.   It's long been my favourite musical and, while I can understand others not getting on with the music, I find it very emotive.  Yes, I had a little sniffle as Anne Hathaway gave everything as Fantine, at Eponine's sacrifice and Jean Valjean's leavetaking and the finale.  Phew!

Back in the real world I finally finished THE BLANKIE!
Not as big as I first thought I would make but there are so many other things I want to do that something had to give.  Now to knit socks, The Girl Genius' new cardi, cushions... ... ...

This first week as a retiree has simply felt like a week off.  I have been told that this feeling lasts for a week or two then the realisation that you don't have work to go back to suddenly kicks in.  This can stimulate a good or bad reaction - I'm hoping for euphoria!   


Saturday, 2 February 2013

At Last...!

Oh my dears, I'm still such an infrequent visitor to my blog but I may start again on a regular basis now as...
... I have retired!
Well, it's a retiredundancy, really as I'm not (quite) old enough to retire officially but have had my voluntary redundancy approved and I left the building on Wednesday.  Now I just have to get myself into a new mindset, and being a Bear of Very Little Brain this might take a while.
copyright AAMilne!
 I love looking at other people's blogs but don't always comment.  Do know that I enjoy reading about your exploits, makes and inspirations, however.  Here are a couple of my recent bits:
 The Blankie of Endlessness has finally come to a halt! 
Now for the sewing up, and by lucky happenstance I have just been on a wonderful day's workshop with the lovely Sara Thornett from Rowan on "Finishing Techniques"  How can I have been knitting for forty years and never knew how to sew up a garment properly???

Also, delving into my new-ish book, Zakka Style, I have made a cosy home for my baguettes.
 Happily I will be spending more time with The Girl Genius and Miss Peach Pudding.  TGG and I had fun yesterday making Chinese New Year crafts including paper dragons, a huge cardboard box dragon (which she walked down the street wearing, even though it didn't have a face or tail - in other words, just a painted cardboard box with holes in!) and lanterns.  From the photo it would seem she has the wrong idea about "eating Chinese"...
Much love and, hopefully, more blogging! xxx