Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blog Award and My Lovely Day

Hello Butterfly,  I am nominating you for my

Do please take a look at 

A lovely mix of all the above and who could resist someone with a partner called "Mr Fabulous"?

Butterfly, I believe the rules are that you now have to pass on the Award to someone new to blogging or with less than 100 followers, who has a blog you really enjoy.  You also have to list seven facts about yourself.  I look forward to reading them.

Now my lovely day.  It was so blueskysunny yesterday that Jasmine and I went down to the beach for a steam train ride.  She would have looked prettier on this pic if she had swallowed the piece of banana instead of showing it to the camera!
 This is the little train's engine.  It's a beautiful piece of engineering and makes a very loud HOOT when you're in the next carriage. There are two covered carriages and an array of open ones for people who like to get very windswept ears!

 Jasmine poised ready for leaving the station and studying the gravel for no particular reason.
 I would love one of these lamps in my garden!
Just a tree but I liked the pic.  Think I'll play around with the photo and see what I can create.
 This is an expanse of the beach further down from the most popular resort area.  It's quite bleak but much more interesting and natural. 
 In the afternoon, after we had corn on the cob, cheese and apples for lunch we visited the local park, just a couple of streets away.  How come children don't see danger where it is and nannies see danger everywhere it isn't?  
... and down safely!
I also unearthed my favourite summer dress from the loft.  I have had this dress for over twenty years and still it comes out bright and blooming as ever. Face hidden, however, as the sun shows the wrinkles up too much! 
Happy sunny day!


  1. Well what can I say? Thank you soooo much for my award, I'm so super chuffed. It is indeed my very first too. Wow. Love your day out too, looks like loads of fun. Fab frock too. xxxx

  2. Lovely post!
    Congrats to Butterfly - will check out her blog.
    What a little sweetie Jasmine is, so cute!
    Love your frock, classic pretty ones like that never age do they (i actually have one rather similar to yours in style and age, not such a pretty print as yours though, but I still wear mine every year too!)
    Gill xx

  3. Well done on your award, and great blog you've passed it to :) fabulous frock, you hottie! Looks like you've had a similar week to mine - fitties and trains. I worked at the Griffin Hall museum on Thurs...didn't even know it existed, but it's like a little vintage wonderland down there. I spent the whole time thinking I should take photos for the blog, lol! x