Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Shameless Plug...

... for my friend's new novel!
There are no descriptions of frocks and the word "shabby" is not followed by "chic" so it appears an unusual choice for me.  I do actually rather enjoy crime fiction and that's what this is.  It's a cracking read and I attended the book signing at Waterstone yesterday.  I'm very proud of my friend, Nick, who deserves lots of success as a writer.  

For the full "blurb" see here at Amazon.  Nick's blog is Electric Lullaby, if you like stories and music on the edgier side of life.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

More Tattery* in the Carrad Household

You should have seen Mr C's face when I came home with this lot today!
 I received a phone call from P & L Interiors saying they had a few out of date fabric books for me.  I was there within fifteen minutes and lugged the first lot home, then returned with Dobbin, my trusty steed trolley, to collect the rest.
 These are GORGEOUS!
 There were even sample books of tassels, pom-poms and the rest of the braidy bunch.
How fab is all that for absolutely free?

Oh, by the way, remember the freeform scrumbles I made last week?  (See two posts ago "Knitting Without a Parachute")  Here is the completed bag.  I loved doing it and can't wait to get started on another.
 Side 1
 Side 2

I have also completed another UFO, previously mentioned.  The £2.50 charity shop wooden dolls house, as seen below in its embarrassingly naked condition ...
... has now been painted up and is currently living as a New England boathouse.
I say I've completed it, but I have a feeling it's going to have a few more fripperies added at some point before I sell it.

*Tattery: (noun) "Stuff, either given or cheaply purchased, which is collected without any real idea of future use.  Its main reason for existing is to litter up the home and cause mild annoyance to other family members, especially those of the male persuasion" 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Little Giveaway!

Just a little giveaway for you lovely people who have tipped me over the "Diamond Jubilee" sixty plus followers mark.

This is an experimental bag of goodies which I have been working on. I need more ideas of things to make to pop into future bags, so do please let me know if you have any brilliant ideas.
 This is the larger drawstring bag - the tealight gives you an idea of the size.  Inside are:
 A little drawstring bag,
 A tissue holder,
 A pin cushion,
 A teeny-tiny lavender bag,
 A tiny notebook,
 And teeny-tiny bunting.
If you would like to join the giveaway, you need to be a follower and leave me a comment (preferably a polite one!).  If you sidebar the giveaway pic you can have another go.
I'll draw the winner in some random fashion on 31 March - Good Luck!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Knitting Without A Parachute

"Underground, Overground, Scrumbling Free!"

Yesterday I attended a brilliant workshop at A Good Yarn, called Freeform Madness.  It was delivered by the very lovely Heike Gittins, a talented and clever lady who inspired our group to great things.  Do have a look at her blog, Heikeknits, for much more inspiration.  The workshop involved letting go of all preconceived ideas of knitting, crochet, structured patterning, etc and running with experimental ideas.  You put together small pieces of  work, either sewing together or attaching as you go, incorporating a variety of colour/shade and disciplines to create a scrumble, which is a delicious word in itself.  This can then be joined to others to make beautifully arty items such as bags, cushions, hats and waistcoats.

(Please excuse picture quality, my camera was nearly as excited as I was)
Here are some ladies preparing to freefall into knitting madness...
... and here are some more.  Heike is second left
Ooooo, stash!
Scrumble commences
Scrumble continues
Much needed yummy things to keep us going - it was very hard work!
Show and tell.  It was fascinating to see how other people interpreted this form of creation
Excuse strange angle, I was standing on a chair (yes, Health and Safety - I know!)
Scrumble completed
Something to aspire to - one of Heike's own bags
Another of Heike's bags, this one with a little more structure but still very free.
Now I have found a whole new world out there to play with, and what a fab way to use up all those little bits of leftovers.  Oh no!  I can feel the need to buy lots of lovely new yarns already!

Have a great week, lovelies xxx    

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIPs and Whoops!

If there's one thing I'm good at it's faffing about.  I have a whole host of half-made thingies and keep promising myself I'll complete them.  Still, I'm not the only one.  Spring is only half-made too.  She doesn't appear properly till the end of March.

This week I am mostly WIP-ing...
the unravelling of an old cardi...
a beach bag/tote...  
...and painting a £2.50 charity shop doll's house.  It's been undercoated and a few blobs of pale blue paint added.  I intend to make it into a "New England-style boathouse"  (somehow!)
Today I treated myself to accidentally bought myself some presents (hence the "Whoops!").  Good old TK Maxx.  I love the fact that you can get a great selection of one-off items at this shop.  It's a bit like posh charity shop shopping.
 A small and pretty tin containing a delightfully fresh-smelling soap
Another pretty box, this time containing 30 sheets of gorgeous writing paper and 30 soft grey envelopes by Nina Campbell.  Almost too lovely to use.  Same with the soap possibly.

Oh, and before I forget, something I have actually finished.  I collected two free old wallpaper swatch books from my local soft furnishings shop.  The paper inside was a heavy, flexible type with an almost fabric-like feel.  I cut out three of the sheets, folded them in half and machined up two sides. I then folded over the top, made a few slits and threaded lace and ribbon through.  
Et voila!  Three pretty gift bags for my d-in-l's birthday presents, at no expense whatsoever!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Oh Poop!

Humph!  I finally scrimped up 60 followers and promised a giveaway.
but ...
it will have to wait ...
cos ...
someone dropped off and I'm back to 59!