Sunday, 12 June 2011

Making Up for the Slight

Having "demeaned" my lovely Bibs friend in my last post (she knows I'm joking!) I have made her this garden bag, topped with the upcycled handle.  It's big enough to put all sorts of bits and bobs in, including Cassie-cat if she's naughty!
 Remember the plates from the Antique and Home Show? ...
 ... here they are again.  Lots more work on this pot to do, but it's coming on.
 While in the garden I took a couple more pics, including this pretty wall display ...
 ... and these mojitos in kit form.  Well, mint anyway.  It's really blooming this year.
 A bowl of yummy raspberries and redcurrants from the bushes ...
 ... are now hiding under crumble, to be cooked for our tea.  Mmmmmmmm!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week xxx


  1. Like the pot idea with the plates!

    Those crumbles really do look delish - Have a good week!

    Leah x

  2. Like the mosaic pot! And laughed at the 'mojitos in kit form'! - I love mojitos :) Yummy-looking crumbles! I'm just off to 7 yr old Archie's Birthday party! Abby x

  3. Aaaw, of course I knew you were joking m'dear! The pot looks great :) do you remember on our Wii night I swore we had a mint plant? Well guess what, we have three! I only discovered them after I'd bought a new one...mojitos ahoy! xx

  4. The birds keep eating our raspberries, so we haven't had any to eat yet - tour crumble looks lovely!

    Pomona x

  5. Oooh raspberry mojitos - that's all I can think of. xx