Sunday, 29 July 2012

And the Winner of the Olympic Gold for Knitting is ...

... well, not really but I can always dream!

I'm back, lovelies, after a very sad month, and getting my life together again.  Not a huge amount of interesting stuff has happened really so a somewhat boring post.  Still, it's a start.  At least there has been a little bit of sunshine and this has happened:
I say "my garden" but the lovely Mr C has actually done all the hard work.  I've just flounced around in it, reading, knitting and drinking coffee. I've just read this book, which is excellent and recommended.  Haven't managed Mr Grey yet - I don't know whether to join in with the hype or be an individual and not read it.  Hmmm...
Hurrah - I've finished my freeform bag.
Now for the other 90 squillion things that I'm in the middle of making!

Have a lovely week everyone.  Hopefully I'll be on line a bit more now and leaving comments on your fab blogs!  Much love, C xxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Life Moves On

So, lovelies, I'm trying to get back into normality (inasmuch as anything about me is normal!) after Mum's passing.  The funeral, which was delayed due to building work at the crematorium, has taken place and was a sad but wonderful celebration of her life.  The wake afterwards, simple as she requested, was all vintage rosebud crockery, paper butterflies and happy memories.  I've done more crying since the funeral than when she died, but it's all part of the process.

I've been pootling through your recent lovely blogs. So much has happened to you all - birthdays, house sales, fab charity shop buys!  I haven't been commenting but will be back to this soon.

Anyhoo - this is Carrad up to date ... read on ...
 Cath Kidston pretty book - £3.99 from The Works!  Lots of loveliness to drool over and even a few more ideas than I normally have, to use fabric for (not sure this is actual grammar?)(Oh well...)
 Yay, odd knitted socks!  This is yarn I was given but there wasn't sufficient to make a proper pair so I just had fun.
 Another freeform bag commenced.  This is more yarn from the huuuuuge stash I was given.  I was a bit over-excited about it as you can imagine and wanted to started hundreds of new projects.  I've managed about three so far. 
 More freebies, this time from my local soft furnishings store.  These pieces from a Harlequin sample book just cried out to be patchworked together.  Now for the long process of quilting to a turquoise blue fleece backing...:(
 Just had to add this - it's a portrait of Nanny Carrad, complete with glasses, and The Girl Genius, penned by TGG herself.  Notice the way we are leaning lovingly towards each other (all together now "Awwww!")
This lovely old jug is one of the things I've kept from Mum's house as we still go through all her bits and pieces.  Mr C is all for chucking everything out to charity shops or the local tip, but I've put my foot down and more and more stuff is sneaking its vintagey way into our home.  Other than these bits, really all we are saving are the enormous container of photos.  Everything else, as Mum would say, is "just things".  She felt that people, her loved ones, were the only important things and as always, she was right.

Do have a lovely week, bloggy friends.  See you soon xxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

It's been so wet here that...

...the ladybirds have grown enormously and come indoors!

 No, really Mr C has been painting stones again.  It has been horribly rainy though.
I haven't made much recently but I bought the tweed and fat quarters below at Woolfest the other week
I sewed them together in their matching pairs of colourways, added lace and embellishment and made two rather unique scarves.
My computer has been playing me up something rotten this past week and I've uninstalled Google Chrome due to the problems.  Now apparently my browser no longer supports Blogger and all my favourites and personal setting have set sail for the west.  I thought computers were supposed to make life easier!