Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Blogshop is Open!

Hi all,  just to let you know that I have opened a blogshop!  
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It's very rough and ready at the moment and the photos taken are pretty poor but I wanted to get it started.  I'd ummmmm'd and ahhhhhh'd for far too long.  I've added a few Fashionista Sister dolls and a few little decorative "houses" to start with.  There's also a link down the side of this blog somewhere.  

Hope you'll stop by sometime.

Have a lovely weekend and   
Happy Father's Day to all those "Mr ..." blog-partners out there!  
Wish mine was still here to enjoy it (love you, Dad)


  1. Awwww your daddy looks like a real sweetheart, I'm lucky enough to be spending the afternoon with my lovely daddy. Not sure a Father's Day BBQ is a good idea though with the weather we're having ha ha xx

  2. Your Dad looked a wonderful handsome man with a sense of humour. You must miss him. I didnt get to see my Dad as my poor Mum has a tummy bug so we were warned to stay away.
    Thanks for your comment, I was fascinated by the pig cloth story,thanks for sharing that!
    Gill x

  3. PS Good luck with your blogshop! Will go and check it out!Love the illustration you show here.
    I set up one a few weeks ago but dont have a camera at the moment so cant really put anything much on there!
    Gill x

  4. Ii will go and have a nosy round your blog shop as I love your dolls!
    I'm very lucky to still have my dad but he doesn't 'do' fathers day.