Monday, 13 June 2011

La Chambre a Coucher et Le... Cardigan

I don't know what cardi is in French, however I had to go a little continental as I have moved further along the path of completing my mini-chateau style spare bedroom.  Those who have followed the tale so far will know that I have been waiting for curtains - well, they finally arrived, even though the Paypal address sprang up as Antrim instead of North East Lincs!
Please excuse the quality of photo.  Camera said "No", for some reason.  I'm really pleased with them as they are just the silver-grey of the covering I made for the little stool.
My home-made letters are hanging on the curtain rail by a lovely blue ribbon and indicate to anyone who hadn't cottoned on, what the theme of the room is.

If you love romantic French chic, take a look at the stylish website, The French Bedroom Company, which isn't cheap but is full of inspiration.  And who doesn't love an armoire?

I have finally finished the little cardi I've been making for Jasmine.  Here it is in its infancy ...
... and here it is complete (except for button).
Hopefully the little miss will like it and let me take a picture of her wearing it for you.
Now just let me onto the next woolly project!


  1. Oooh that looks fabulous, does that mean I can take the credit for brilliant colour choices?! ;) I wonder if it comes in Bibbitybob sizes! Curtains look lovely, so glad they made it safely to you after the mini-drama xx

  2. Colour choice all yours, Bibs - well done! xxx

  3. Gorgeous things! I love your homemade letters!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - it's great to know you'll be following... I'm looking forward to getting to 50 followers so I can do a giveaway! :o)

    Take care, Maria x

  4. That's a very stylish pair of curtains! Love the cardi too, hope Jasmine poses for a photo in it! :) x

  5. Sweet cardi and love the colours, the Chateau has left it's stamp, bedroom looks cool

  6. It's a sweet cardi - I have used that self pattern yarn before and I love the effect.

    Pomona x