Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Christening Day, Eves Violet

Miss Peach Pudding received the blessings of her real names today.
All the people she loves and who love her were there to celebrate.
With Mummy, Daddy, Godparents and candle at St George's Church
Miss PP (second left) entertaining her little friends with her purple hoop
Cousin Jasmine (The Girl Genius) and Nanny C playing.  (This is my best angle).   The GG is wearing Monsoon whereas I am in my £7 sale H&M frock.
Framed decoration and cake pops at the "do" afterwards
More decorations and cake pops
Eyeball the height of that cake!
Cake pops - YUMS!
 Hadn't heard of cake pops before, but apparently they're the new cupcake/macaroon/whoopie.  I couldn't find a really good website to give, but I'm sure a bit of bimbling about the tinterweb will bring up something of interest.  Be careful - they are prone to plopping off the stick onto the floor if you attack them too greedily!

Love to Miss PP for a wonderful future x  

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