Wednesday, 22 February 2012

General Burblings

Hello, lovelies!  If you popped by because I awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award, please see previous post. If you can hang around for a bit, however, I have a few pics.  There's no theme to this, just a few rambling burbles...
 I finally found a use for the little scraps of fabric from a sample book I was given.
 Tiny tissue cases.  I love these and they're so quick and easy to make.
 I found this floozy lamp in my porch one morning.  My neighbour changes her style almost monthly and sometimes fab castoffs come my way.  Our bedroom would now be lit up like a tart's boudoir if it wasn't for the large pile of doggy blankets and chewed bone biscuit shards in the corner of the room...
 There's no place like home.
The Girl Genius has fallen in love with "The Wizard of Oz" and adores dressing up, so I found my mouth saying "I'll make you all the outfits" while my brain was saying "NOOOOOOOOO!"
 Dorothy is complete, the scarecrow is half made...
 ... the Tin Man has a long way to go and the Cowardly Lion is (naturally) hiding until I can find the right fabric.
 I have had a crocheted hexagon session, following a browse of the lovely Attic24 blog. (Thank you, Lucy)
I made this cushion for my mum.  The colours are much more muted than this but the photos really zing them up.  

Well, that's enough from me today except to say that I've had a little run on followers (you are such lovely people) and have nearly reached the Diamond Jubilee 60!  When I do, there'll be a little giveaway...


  1. You have been busy! What a wonderful Wizard of Oz project..fab idea and great costumes..looking forward to the full cast when you track down that lion fur! Love the hexagons, and the sumptuous lamp!
    Your comment about the tissue cases being quick and easy has made me took me aaaaaaaaaaaaages to put up a ready made curtain today..on an existing pole..the thought of making the necessary alterations to make it just right fills me with so much dread that we'll be putting up with it as it have a great sewing talent!
    Ali x

  2. What a lot of things youv'e made, busy busy busy, all lovely, the lamp is very boufont, great colour and the cushion is fantastic. Julie xxx

  3. Those tissue cases are great and as you say really quick to make. I alway rustle up a dozen or so everytime I do a craft fair as they sell like hot cakes.

  4. Gosh, you've been so busy. What lovely things. How cute to have all those little doggy things in your bedroom. My house is like that too. Monty Dog likes to spit kibbles in the strangest places. Little Son is very productive with crafts and these are also spread everywhere!!