Sunday, 29 January 2012

You Can't Beat A Vintage Fair...

... for a great day out!

Armed with my trusty knitting, a copy of "Homes and Antiques" and a purseful of pennies I took the train to Sheffield for The Vintage Fair sale.
Tea Time

My Tea - nom, nom, nom...

It was so busy I couldn't take a decent picture without the crowds

Lovely things

The sales were pretty good.  I struggled back home with this lot at a very reduced rate.   

Sun dress, era unknown but could encompass many

American day dress.  This is the one I think I'll wear for my vintage stall next time.

Another sun dress, soft floaty fabric and an even floatier matching scarf accessory

Boned strapless sundress, fab for the hols

How 80's can you get!

50's day dress in that watered taffeta type fabric that shimmers different colours.  

Possibly 80's trousies, which  fit me well and look good (if it was actually the 80's anyway)

Good old C & A!  A Yessica dress that still looks okay today.

And finally, one for the boys - a Lambretta shirt, perfect for the Jubilee!

Which one do you like best?


  1. I love the boned strapless dress. You will be a show stopper on holidays


    1. I really like the red dress at the top but they are all lovely :)

      Leah x

  2. Wow what a lot of lovely purchases. Julie