Sunday, 5 February 2012

All Quiet on the Snowy Front

Mini post this week, and no snow pics as you've probably had enough of it by now.

  After last weekend's hectic endeavours it's been a quiet weekend.  I had a busy crochet workshop at A Good Yarn, teaching three new ladies the fine art of twiddling about with yarn and hook as well as all the usual suspects.  I couldn't resist spending my fee on even more woolly stuff, so have commencing this cardi in the wonderful Indie yarn.
It's supposed to be a child's cardi, up to 13 years but I think I can squeeze into it...
  By bedtime it had grown into a back and one front.  So quick to knit, even though I had to sit on the floor to do it as Bridget had claimed the sofa.  Hopefully the next instalment won't take long and you can laugh at me trying to fit into a little girl's cardi!

Having given the front room a bit of a make over with a warm russety-red theme for the winter, I couldn't resist buying this in TK Maxx.  The photo at the top is of my mum and dad's wedding.  The young couple strolling on the prom are Mr C's mum and dad and the sweet old couple bottom right are my nan and grandad, long gone but still much loved in memory.  Naturally The Girl Genius and Miss Peach Pudding found their way into the frames as well!
To continue the theme, I painted an old frame in Farrow & Ball's Incarnadine, with a blob of black acrylic mixed in to darken the shade.  I then added a few embellishments including the oversized postcard which is an A5 scan of an old family postcard.  I made the little heart and the other things are found items which create a nice tactile display.

Well, lovelies, back to the knitting and achy wrists.  
Have a good week! xxx


  1. You have been busy...the yarn looks yummy and so does the pattern...looking forward to the finished article being modelled! Ali x

  2. Yarn looks warm and cosy, so does the dog, love your artwork. Julie xxx