Thursday, 16 February 2012

Seven Firsts and a Thank You!

I am, at last, the proud possessor of a Versatile Blogger Award!
Thank you, Alix, at the lovely blog Used-to-Bees 
I have to pass this on to fifteen other recently discovered blogs then tell you seven things about myself and finally thank the sender for the award (last bit ticked - see above!)

I am working on the first bit but I can manage the middle bit.  I will tell you seven "Firsts" from my childhood.  Hope they astound and amuse ...

1. My First Memory

Aged about three I accidentally set off my parents' alarm clock.  I thought the incredibly loud and insistent noise would wake up the whole world and I would be in BIG trouble.  I wasn't.

2. My First Pet

I had a black and white cat called Archie.  A man threw a brick at him and killed him.  This is not one of the amusing memories.

3. My First Love

Roy Truman and I fell in love at infant school, aged five.  It was definitely the real thing and lasted until our parents sent us to different junior schools.  (I must have got over it as I then had a four-year fling with Kenneth Driver until I went to a girl's grammar school and it was ALL OVER)

4. My First Scary Book

Mum had to send a letter to school to say I wasn't to read any more of the fairy tale book in the library as I had nightmares over the decapitated horse's head in "The Goose Girl".  They were a bit disturbing, those old tales, weren't they?

5. My First Sexual Encounter

Aged about nine, I sat next to an unknown boy at the ABC Minors Cinema morning.  He suddenly reached down his trousers and whipped out a curly-wurly.  That's a real curly-wurly, chocolate and all, but it made me jump!

6. My First School Day Out

In the first year of Junior School our class went on a visit to York.  It seemed hundreds of miles away on the coach.  We visited Clifford's Tower, the Minster, the Shambles and the museum with the old fashioned streets.  I just looooooved it.  I bought a Medley bar to eat (choccy raising it's lovely, scary head again) and a tiny vase of plastic red roses for my mum.

7. My First Record

"Shapes of Things" by the Yardbirds.  I was in love with lead singer, Keith Relf.  Anyone who knows about rock'n'roll family trees will be aware that this was one of the groups from which British rock music icons like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton sprouted and blossomed.  Put another coin in the juke box, baby!

Well, that was little me.  The next post will hopefully be my awardees' list.  Watch this space...


  1. Congrats on your awed , very well deserved. Enjoyed reading the seven things about you. Eek, yes , the curlywurly would have made me jump as well!

  2. Ah C, what a first record, most bluesmaking Yardbirds. That's just class.

    As for the fairytales, there was a debate on the today programme earlier this week about that very thing - are fairytales too damn scary for litl'uns? That one flippin' is!


  3. Loved reading these, and thanks for accepting (I'm always a little worried about passing on awards...)The curly wurly story made me hoot! Poor Archie...

  4. How impractical of him to keep his curly-wurly down his trousers - it would surely melt the chocolate!