Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

I did a tiny little favour for a purchaser of one of my fashionista sister dolls a while ago.  I didn't want paying but she remembered me as she cleaned out her home for a move to Australia. 
Yesterday this arrived on my doorstep... 
The book is just hiding names and addresses but also shows the size of the parcel
... and when I opened it ...
...Christmas arrived early!

Fi had sent a fab stash of wonderful old linens - how kind is that?

Here is a montage of the contents.  Enjoy looking at them.  I've used one of my favourite books to show the size of some of the items.  
 Obviously they will look even more glorious when they are ironed, but I couldn't resist using some as a background to my first baking of Red Velvet cupcakes.
Thank you so much, Fi and have a wonderful new life in Oz! xxx


  1. Wow what a lovely generous gift, the red velvet cupcakes look yummy too.

  2. Wow, that is ever so kind. Lovely lines... A fest to the eye. :)

  3. Carrad what a gorgeous gorgeous pressie, how kind is your friend, a lot of washing and ironing! love the one with the little red pom poms on... Julie xxx

  4. They are lovely, lucky you.

  5. What a kind gesture. Its a lovely feeling when someone appreciates the little things we do isn't it.

  6. What a lovely surprise!

    The cupcakes look delicious, what are they sprinkled with?

    1. The cakes are sprinkled with another one of the cakes, blitzed to form tiny crumbs, so it looks a bit like velvety flock. Yes, they are very yummy xxx

  7. What a wonderful stash, you are so lucky!
    Hope you're still taking part in the Craft Box swap, let me know if you are, i'm the next swapper on the list after you, but don't know where the box is on it's journey xxx

  8. Hi Giddy, yes, definitely in the box swap! I understand it was delayed due to a birth in the family of one of the bloggers, but it's moving along now. Thanks for being my 60th follower - I'll be having a giveaway in due course! xxx

  9. What a fantastic boxful of cotton loveliness Carrad! Some of the embroidery looks like items in our family tablecloth archive!!
    The box must have been tardis like - so much fabric in one box!
    It made me look at and appreciate the basket of tablecloths in our local charity shop!
    Looking forward to seeing what happens to them next!
    Ali x

  10. Hi Carolyn .... what a lovely surprise being mentioned in your blog. I just knew that you would be able to use my cast offs ... look forward to seeing what gorgeous creations are made from them.

    My two Fashionista Sisters are looking forward to their new life in Oz!

    All the best

    Fi xx