Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Good Buys (not Goodbyes!)

Hurrah for second-hand shops and chazzers!

I was only going to post a pic of my completed cardi, but ...
... here is the cardi I knitted on Saturday evening and finished on Sunday morning.  The Indie wool was soooo big and fluffy it took no time at all, and it's also soooo warm.
Cynthia is modelling my charity shop £3 Per Una jersey dress.  She will be naked tomorrow as I'm wearing it with slouchy black boots for work.
This pretty bone china set cost all of £2, with the two white tea plates thrown in.

A fiver well-spent, I say!

Keep warm, m'dears xxx


  1. Carrad, the cardi is gorgeous, and what a fast knit, I have serious cardi envy.

  2. Great cardi, you knit so quick, love the teaset. Julie xxx

  3. Wow, I can't believe that cardi took you so little time!

    The tea set is gorgeous.

  4. You must knit like a whirling dervish! The cardi is lovely and you charity shop buys were brilliant bargains!

  5. We love charity shops bargains - such a feel good factor all over!
    let's waste less!