Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Happy Mothering Sunday to all you mums out there!

It's sunny here today, the (grown up) children have been and brought presents for me which are far too generous but I love them!  Can't wait to try out the cakes in the Hummingbird recipe book, Cake Days.
Do you remember the horrible plasticy-leather stool I bought for £2?
I painted the little legs in Lucid Morning by Dulux and covered the top in Birdcage Walk by Nina Campbell.  It looks fab now and I gave it to my mum as a present today, along with roses and lilies.
I also gave her a silver RAF sweetheart brooch.  When she met my late dad the war was over and he had already left the RAF so she never had a memento.  I was so pleased with her reaction and think it will mean a lot to her.  She's just the best!

      Have a great day, mums! xxx

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