Friday, 22 April 2011

A Few Random Photos

Bathroom and Bedroom makeovers on hold as sooooo busy right now, but am adding a few photos for your amusement until I do a proper blog.

 The two pics below are my contribution to an exhibition to be staged by Artlandish to raise funds and promote using bags instead of carriers.  Artists start with a plain white canvas bag and decorate it as they wish - paint, photos, fabrics, etc.  These will all be shown at the Gallery in September and will then be sold at £4.  A great idea.  My theme was Vintage Beach.

Front of bag for Artlandish Exhibition

Back of bag for Artlandish Exhibition

Jasmine painted these plates - they were very pretty until she found the black!  Julie at The Paint Box sighed "They always find the black"  I wrote on them (she's clever, but not THAT clever!)

... anyway she was very happy to have her lunch off hers

Old and tatty woad-dyed t-shirt stripped and knitted into a lavender bag

Tidied up all my herbs and spices and made tea-stained "antique" labels for them

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