Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hello, Minty-fresh Bathroom!

I’ve actually managed to tackle a decorating project at last.  As previously blogged, I had the bathroom lined up for a 60 Minute Makeover.  The Wilko’s “Mint Crisp” shade was a little too minty and bright for my taste so I added equal quantities of “Moonlight White”, also Wilko’s which we already had.  This was a perfect shade and I used just two little matchpots so it was a really cheap option.  I then used the slightly darker Wilko’s “Spa” for the mirror surround and distressed it a little. 

This actually looks very blue, but the cabinet is really the colour below
I needed a slightly different shade for the loo roll holder and tiny cabinet, wanting to match this to the “O” and “a” of the ocean accessory.  This led me to mix my own colour with the remainder of the match pots and a little squirt of two of black and blue water colours.  I achieve just the shade I wanted and it relates very well to Farrow and Ball’s “Green Blue”, even though it looks very different in the photos. I also added a decorative cutting of a Little Greene Paint Company wallpaper sample on each door.
I’m now in the process of making some little fabric birds to hang up and thinking of something else to go on the wall and above the window.  Oh, and some new towels.
To be continued …
By the way, welcome, Giddy, to my followers, all 16 of you!  When and if I reach 20 I’ll do a draw and one of you will win a “Fashionista Sister” of your very own!

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