Monday, 11 April 2011

The Spare Room Commences

A little corner of my home is starting to transform itself into a habitable space.  The Chateau Bedroom (well, the spare room, which will hopefully one day achieve a slightly French country chateau look) has been stripped of all manky wallpaper by me, and lovingly replastered by my dear son.  This is in return for future sewing projects for his little girl.  Jasmine is not yet three but started ballet class last week and has her own teeny-tiny pink ballet shoes.  Altogether now, awwwww!
image source
Here are a couple of photos of the room.  With luck these will be updated with more exciting pics.
The big lump in the middle is the bed which has been tipped on its side
Will anyone ever get to sleep in this room???

Friday was a gloriously sunny day and Jasmine and I had just the best time.  We went shopping for ribbon and lace, then came back home for coffee and juice in the garden.  Next we went to the Paint Box Ceramic Cafe where Jazz painted two plates, one for herself and one for Nanny, in fab, splodgy patterns.
After lunch it was a walk down to the beach, spending two hours making (and jumping on) sandcastles, paddling, running in circles and collecting shells.  The world looks lovely through the eyes of a two-year old.  We walked back home, making a detour to Banana Leaf, which is a wonderful shop full of house and garden marvels, then played out of doors with a big bowl of warm sudsy water.  I was exhausted in a very happy way.

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