Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Girls, Bunting, Dorothy's Shoes and Latest Purchases

Well, that's a busy title but I have lots of photos and updates for you.  Firstly I have had chance to get back to doll-making and created two new girls who are now residing in the lovely shop, La Vie en Rose awaiting new owners.

I have also been making bunting.  As I previously mentioned, I bought a Toile du Jouy/gingham duvet and pillow from a charity shop and created a cushion and tablecloths for the patio set.  The bunting is now complete, and I have made vintage-style royal wedding bunting from old Union Flag material and nautical-themed bunting from charity shop shirts.

Finally, Hurray!  Some great new charity shop purchases yesterday!  These included the first red shoes I have had since childhood.  They are quite vintagey with their pretty suede bows, not as sparkly as Dorothy's but I'm very satisfied with them.
"There's no place like home"
The next item is a metal plaque for 50p that defines all that is vintage and the final item a tatty little "leather" covered footstool for £2.  Watch out for this being completely reworked at a later date.

Can't wait to repurpose this one - mmm... vintage or retro ...
 Happy bargains to you all on your next trips out!

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  1. Love your bargin buys, the bunting is so cute! the union jack one is cool! the dolls you make are so adorable I particularly love the denim jacket!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!