Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dolls on Tour

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This morning I despatched six of the girls on holiday to a new place.  They can now be viewed (and purchased, I hope) at the Ropewalk in Barton on Humber.  I’m feeling that a couple more venues are needed to get sales moving again.  The Fashionista Sisters always receive lots of complimentary comments, but sales don’t necessarily reflect this.  They have been hanging around my workroom far too long and if I can sell a few, I can start to make more.  Hmmm  maybe I should turn my tiny front porch into a pop-up shop 

I’m getting bored with the necessary wait for more work to be able to take place in the spare bedroom so when I saw the lovely little sign below 
I decided to buy it and use it as the basis for redecorating the bathroom.  The whole suite really needs changing but this will be a stop-gap until we can afford it.  One and a half walls are tiled and the other two and a half are painted with “Winter Sun”, although I can’t remember who this is by and it’s now very grubby.  I’ve chosen to paint just one wall with Wilko’s "Mint Crisp”. and use Wilko’s “Spa” on the mirror frame and highlights.  
Wilko's "Mint Crisp".  "Spa" is a little darker
The other walls remain undecided but certainly a similar off-white shade as before.  I’m going cheap and cheerful as, much as I love Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, etc, they are kind of pricey for the purpose.  Will keep you posted with updates.


  1. That's a gorgeous colour and will look great for a bathroom. X

  2. Thanks, giddy, have done quite a bit more now and will update asap x