Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Makeover - The Featurette

Just a quickie post as I'm about to go out and buy WALLPAPER!  This is an update of a completed bathroom and a bedroom well on the way.
Birdies scattered about the bathroom.  These are hung on the pole across the top of the window which also has a wispy off-white pashmina draped over it.
Featuring the inspirational "ocean" decoration.  How often, though, does a toilet roll take pride of place on a blog?
 Ignore the wires, please.
 This picture is a bit too dark.  The paintwork (Wilko's "Cloudless") is a much softer, paler shade really.
Ignore mattress!  And lightshade!  This wall will be papered as a feature wall, but it has to be just right so I'm expecting a grumpy Mr Carrad after the shopping trip...

Wish me luck!


  1. Haha good luck indeed! We must have spent almost an hour debating paint colours in B&Q last week. Aarggh!!

  2. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog and for becoming a new follower!
    Good luck with the wallpaper trip - theres nothing like a bit of DIY to put bring out the Mr Grumpy in men! Mines an expert at it! -grumpiness that is not DIY :(
    Gill x

  3. Thanks for the support regarding Mr Grumpies - there seem to be a lot out there! We picked up a few samples, had a Caffe Nero moment (nice) then came home. We both agreed(!) on the paper so himself will pick up a couple of rolls when he's in the vicinity of B & Q again. x