Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Trying to Catch Up with Myself

I suddenly seem to have so many things to do which are only half-done.  There's some knitting, some sewing, some books semi-read.  There are recipes I want to cook, tv programmes waiting on Catch Up TV to be caught up with.  People to see, places to go.  And always, always work to do.  Anyway, I have sneaked in a couple or three pics while I'm on here and I'll promise myself to sit down and have a proper chat with you at a later date.

My friend gave me the end of her roll of Harlequin "What a Hoot" wallpaper which now graces her kitchen.  My place mats were worn out but I salvaged three and decorated them with snippets of paper.  They'll soon wear out but they look great fun for now.
Jasmine has a little pinny and chef's hat at home, so I thought she needed one when she's here, cooking with Nanny.  Ran these up from an old pillow case!
 Son and daughter-in-law brought us a little gift on Sunday.  Can't wait to hang it up in the porch.  It's absolutely true, of course!


  1. Great placemats! And lovely pinny and hat. Yes, I've seen that sign and been tempted. Now - will They allow me to post this?! Abby x

  2. Brilliant idea with the place mats!
    Love the little pinny, and that sign is great!
    If you would like to pop over to my blog there is a surprise for you!
    Hope blogger lets me post this - like Abby Ive been having probs commenting too!
    Gill xx