Friday, 6 May 2011

Musings - Oh, and I've finished the Footstool!

Hmmmm... (That was a musing.)  It was a musing about looking for another outlet for selling my stuff and I'm considering opening a little blog shop.  I'll muse a bit more and come to a decision soon.  Anyone have comments?  I'd be glad to hear them.
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Next musing was what cakes to make.  I love making cupcakes, but have also just bought a whoopie tin so fancy a go at these.   In the end I went for the old favourites ...
... scones.  
These have lovely peach-flavoured raisins in as I "borrowed" a couple of packets of Pooh Bear yummy raisins from Grand-daughter C when she wasn't looking ...
 ... and they're so much better slathered with clotted cream and raspberry jam!

Do you remember me telling you about the grotty stool I bought from a charity shop for £2?
I painted the chubby little legs Wilko's Pearl Grey then covered the top with silver-grey fabric and completed the edge with some lovely white and black'n'white spotted lace.
I've now been commissioned by a two-year old to make a pink one - for free, of course!


  1. Yummy looking scones! Footstool looks very posh now! Have you looked into Etsy or Folksy for selling your stuff? Abby x

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  3. Removed above comment because I found what I'd written made no sense at all! :) Yes, VTT, I've tried Etsy but without success. Thanks for comment, though. xx

  4. I just looove scones and often start with the intention of baking something else but end up baking ....scones. The stool looks amazing no wonder you've been commissioned to make a pink one. xxx