Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Good Yarn

How fab is it that a wonderful wool shop has opened just a few streets from my house!  It's called A Good Yarn and I urge you to have a look at the website when you have a moment, if woolly things made you start to dribble and wave your arms from side to side like Wallace.
Apart from glorious yarns and friendly people like lovely owner, Kate, there are beginners' knitting classes, drop-in problem solving sessions, various workshops and knit'n'natter sessions.  I went to one of the latter and had a great time.  There were nine of us and, over coffee, cakes and clattering needles, we happily sat for two hours making new friends and discussing knitting, crochet, blokes and anything else we had in common.  Here are a few photos
Mmmm, look at those yarns!

Lovely woolly clothes and notions

Knitty ladies preparing for action

I so love that dresser

Meet the Windsors

Mel and the back of her amazing knitted dress
Looking forward to my next trip already. 


  1. Aaahh, Mel was my Mum's chemo nurse. A very lovely lady x

  2. OOhhh how lucky you are!!!
    Thats going to be a huge temptation!
    Thanks for your comment - I'm like you once the mood is upon me - what can I paint next!!! If it doesnt move.....
    I have an urge to paint something either a strong pink or a strong turquoise, and i had to stop myself going in to homebase to give in to that urge - i played it safe with creamy white this time, but next time, who knows!
    Gill x

  3. Ooh! Looks like a lovely shop! Just what Cleethorpes needs. I hope they get lots of customers! I'll certainly check it out next time I'm over in Clee! :) x