Thursday, 19 May 2011

This Little Bird ...

I really should be going to work but decided to have a fresh coffee and a quick blog fix beforehand.
I've been making some cute little birdies with some scrap fabric which has been calling to me for ages. Here are a couple of samples.  I'm also going to try them out in scraps of embellished sari fabric I cut off a torn cushion.

We had some ripped plastic union flag bunting left over from our Eurovision party last week. I salvaged a couple of the A4-sized flags, ironed them onto white cotton under greaseproof paper and peeled the plastic off, leaving a pale imprint.  I then sewed up this shabby little bag.  The birdies are currently nesting in it.
I am no longer a whoopie virgin!  I tried my first baking session with these vanilla ones but didn't fancy the marshmallow filling so I used up some choccy butter icing I had in the freezer.  I also didn't have plain yogurt so experimented with Amore greek yogurt with walnuts!  Worked out fine (whew!)

Now for work ...

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  1. Lovely little birds! And what a great idea re the bag - looks fab. Those buns look so yummy! Abby x