Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the (Bedroom) Wall

A short but sweet post to update you.  Bought this mirror from one of my favourite charity shops.  It's really heavy and was a dull, dull gold, but the mirror itself is shiny and perfect.

 I sprayed it silver and, once dry, went straight up onto the newly papered bedroom wall.
 The picture below will give you an idea of how things are coming along.  The patterns, wallpaper and bedding, are a bit mix'n'match but I think they work.  It's supposed to be cosy-comfy, not Ideal Home.  
I painted the little bedside table in Wilko's Pearl Grey and the same with a couple of old sets of drawers.  They are just a temporary thing, I hope, as I would like to buy some new furniture.  As you see from the tv wires and the carpet cleaner at the side, it's still a work in progress.
 The container below holds some yummy amoretti biscuits.  I bought it from Banana Leaf as a pressie, but gave it to myself in the end.
 These teeny little baby shoes are very old and bought for one euro from a "vide grenier" (French car boot sale) near Toulouse.  I thought they should be framed rather than left in a cupboard.
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  1. I love how you've transformed the mirror, it looks perfect on the new wallpapered walls.
    That little bird topped cannister is fab - no wonder you kept it for yourself, i would too!

  2. Great mirror - looks just right now it's silver, with your wallpaper! LOVE the baby shoes - good idea to frame them. Vide greniers are fab, aren't they? Thanks for following - I shall follow you too - lovely blog! Abby x