Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stream of Consciousness Blogging

Sitting here with a glass of red wine and wondering what to write.
Actually the title says it all.  I have no special stories or photos to keep you amused so I'm just adding the latest pictures I've downloaded, with a vague comment on them.  

I couldn't let the Royal Wedding slip by without an homage to the Duchess of Cambridge.

 Jasmine thought she was drinking Buck's Fizz with the rest of us at Mr C's Eurovision Party.  (It was orange juice!)
 Why can't the men in my life pose for a sensible photo?
 The table having a quiet moment before the onslaught of burgers, sausages, pork steaks, goulash, dumplings and noodles.  Eurovision was held in Germany, hence the food theme.  Lots of German beer too.  And Black Forest Gateau.  And Redcurrant Bavarian Cream. (Nom, Nom, Nom...)
Here's a gratuitous picture of Blue.  Considering the biased voting they did very well!
image www.popplastic blogspot
And here is a picture of Jedward!
image www.paintingabout.com


  1. Love the 'Catherine' doll - did you make? Laughed at Jedward too! (And your silly men pic!!) Love Jasmine's shoes! Abby x

  2. Hi VTT, yes I made Mrs Windsor, after all she is top Fashionista Sister these days! Jasmine loves her Lelli Kellys, but she's no snob. She loves Tesco as well x

  3. Just love the 'Catherine' doll, what a great way to remember the special day.

  4. I'm always so jealous of your Eurovision parties!! Looks like a great time, and love your silly men pic...B's the same...think it's probably part of their charm :) x

  5. Lol, love the picture of Jedward so funny. The 'Catherine' doll is great.