Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Well now, everything I'm doing seems to be moving very slowly at the moment.  This is not like me because I like jumping in and getting stuff done as quickly as possible - I'm always an idea or two ahead of myself.  However, the knitting is growing steadily, the spare bedroom is being decorating steadily, the garden is getting tidied steadily, and on... and on... 

I'm usually the
 but I'm currently the

I have added a little bit more to the spare bedroom with a chandelier today.  So pretty and sparkly.

Since the garden is in a state of greenery but not yet flower/veg loveliness I am being a bit quirky and adding some pics of strange little areas of the environs of Carrad Towers:

By the way, I am overjoyed to have achieved 20 followers (yes, I know many of you have hundreds!) so the Fashionista Sister Prize Draw will be taking place very soon.
Keep an eye out!


  1. The chandelier's lovely - lit and unlit. And your garden looks really interesting. Abby x

  2. Your garden looks really interesting, the kind you just have to go and explore. More photos please. Lesley x