Saturday, 5 March 2011

World Book Day and International Women's Day

Two excellent events.  On World Book Day on Thursday I sat on the bus to and from work reading.  It wasn't a meaningful book, just short stories about vampires (a worrying love of mine...) and travelling and looking at the words jolting about made me feel queasy, but at least I joined in.  I just love books, the look, smell, texture.  The joy of opening that first page onto a new universe.  It's so much more personal that any other type of media and I just can't visualise World Kindle Day!  My friend, author Nick Triplow, has two new books coming out this year and I can't wait to buy them.
The Women They Left Behind: Stories from Grimsby's Fishing Families
See what I did here?  Linked books AND women in one go!
We are strong.  We are invincible.  We are Woman!  Helen Reddy was right.  Celebrate all your women friends and family on Tuesday.  Mine are such a fabulous bunch - love you all xxx   This picture of my littlest woman yesterday looks rather sad and pensive.  Strange because she was supposed to be posing for happy pics of her new flashy-light trainers!
World weary at two.  Hey ho...
 Just had to add the final pic below.  I'm finally getting round to decorating the spare bedroom.  Jasmine picked out Farrow and Ball Blue Ground and you can't beat a colour-conscious two year old for taste so we bought a tester pot and tried it out on the horrible old woodchip

Somehow this turned into an attack on the woodchip and a chunk of the wall was stripped to plasterwork.  The thing is, I used to live in this house as a child and the last layer of paper was mine.  How 60's is this?
Flower power lives!


  1. I still haven't got around to reading The Women They Left Behind! So many people are (ex) work used to tell me it was fantastic. Have you read it?

    I love that wallpaper and I think it is so lovely that you live in your childhood house. Can't wait to see the F&B treatment! I'm after a tester of James White for the hallway. We have expensive taste though, don't we!

    Apparently there are two formulations of F&B, one is great but hard to clean, the other is wipeable but rubbish to apply. The Dulux centre near Netto scan F&B colours into their magic machine and their paint is brilliant quality - I used it in my office at the flat and I think it only took one coat on new plaster (after the white undercoat). xx

  2. Whoa essay, sorry! x

    ps. I have a soda stream that makes cocktails - fancy that Wii and drinks night soon?? x

  3. Thanks for paint tips. PS sounds great! I'll have to get the boy round to the idea. We have far too much booze at our house, so maybe bring some of the more interesting stuff round. xx