Sunday, 20 March 2011

Cough, Cough, Sniffle

Full of cold this weekend - one of those throaty, coughy ones that dry you out and make you all tired and floppy.  Still, I managed to steam the wallpaper off the walls in the spare bedroom.  I don't know if that was good for me or not but I discovered a new love in the steamer thingy - it was great!  The state of the walls is dreadful with crumbling plaster and holes all over the place.  Luckily carrad Jr (the woodwork king) is going to make them lovely again.  I can then paint/paper/etc and get things back to normal.  I've changed my mind about the shade of blue.  Going for a cooler, fresher look which will match the bedding I bought at the charity shop.  I tried Cloudless by good old Wilko and I think it's the one.  It doesn't have the class of Farrow & Ball but it's cheap and leaves more cash for nice accessories.
By the way, my few blog friends, do any of you know how to get more followers?  I don't want to be friends with the world but would love a bit more interaction.  All tips gratefully received xxx


  1. Can't wait to see your finished bedroom...I might come crash at yours when B's snoring! :) did you make that collage? Tis lovely.

    Re: followers...lots of commenting on other people's blogs does well for me! Look on blogs you like and see who's commenting, go look at their blogs and follow them and comment's a good way of finding people into similar things too. Not that I've got masses...I obviously need to work harder too! x

  2. Yes, I remember you telling me that before. Must make an effort and stop ignoring good advice. Coughing and sniffling a bit less now, thank goodness! x

  3. I love your mood board, the blue is fab! I too love the steam stripper as I bought one from Wickes last year and have done the whole house with it, moved in last year. The walls were in the same state as yours by the sounds of it!

    Bee happy x