Thursday, 10 March 2011

Putting it in Perspective - Updated

Last Monday I and some colleagues from work went on a course regarding "Taking Control" for people either already made redundant, at risk of redundancy or going through major work changes.  At the moment I'm in the last of those, luckily but who knows for the future.  Anyway the lady who took the course was great and we all left feeling pretty positive about our ability to cope with whatever hand we're dealt.  As the course took place just up the road from my house, we all went to my home for lunch.  I'd baked Fat Rascals for the first time and they worked brilliantly (and yummily).  It was just like being at Betty's Tearooms!

I recently bought a new enamel breadbin for £3 from a charity shop, so took the old battered dark wood one, painted it Winter White, distressed it and changed the handle for raffia, buttons and lace.  Love it but don't know where to put it or what to put in it!   Any ideas?  It's two loaves high.
Later that day ...
I've been watching the news on and off all day, and the horrors in Japan have truly put my situation in perspective.  Even if I don't have a job in the near future I have my family, my friends, my home and everything around me that is familiar.  Many others have lost all these things today, and many others have lost their own lives.  The Japanese are a resilient people - I believe they will quickly get on with the job of repairing and rebuilding, but a great sadness will remain with them for ever.  Thinking of them today, and all the other countries who may be affected by this as the damage develops.

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  1. Fabric scrap storage!

    Glad to hear you're still in the latter x