Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wool Week - A Whole Week of Wool!

I have become so entangled in knitty stuff and crochet recently, with lots of projects on the go.  I was, therefore, excited when leafing through my Mollie Makes ...
This one, page 19
... to see the Campaign for Wool's promotion of  Love Wool - Wool Week, 5th to 11th September!  Now what can I do to celebrate this?  Hmm, must think.  I've taken to crocheting on the bus to and from work - maybe I should crochet a sheep out of real wool that week.

This Wednesday was our 37th Wedding Anniversary (OMG!)  Apparently the modern gift for 37 years is alabaster.  Odd.
We decided it was our Go Out for a Meal Anniversary, as per all the others, so had a delicious evening at Figs , a lovely seafront restaurant just a few streets away from our house.  

Once we got home, Mr C attempted a romantic gesture by sending off a Chinese Lantern to mark the event.  We're not huge fans of these as they can cause damage and injury, but had one in from Christmas so thought it was a good opportunity to use it.  Did I just say "they can cause damage"?  Mr C and fire don't go together well.  He loves it but has had many interesting incidents with it.  True to form, the lantern's course, which was eventually high in the air and beautiful, got slightly diverted onto our patio umbrella.  We can't fail to remember our anniversary now until we buy a new parasol next summer ... oh, and a new jumper and sock for Mr C, which also managed to get in the way!


  1. Hehehe whoops-a-daisy!! This made me smile :) it's the sort of thing that would happen to us! Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!

    Jo x

  2. Happy anniversary!! Your post made me laugh it is definitely the sort of thing that would happen to us...glad no one was hurt in the process, well apart from the brollie that is! xx