Sunday, 7 August 2011

Can't Keep Up!

If there was such a thing as a job for a full-time blog reader, I'd be applying.  You all write such lovely, fascinating stuff and I just don't have the time to read and comment on every post.  I wish I did.
I'm quite busy now, sewing and knitting and crocheting (oh, and trying to fit in a bit of housework, and two jobs!) so I'll just do show and tell for now:

Jasmine has a new pushchair for her babies.  This had to be dragged down to the beach and over the sand (yes, by nanny!)
This is the living room during babysitting.  At least she is well-stimulated and very busy having fun.
The garden is taking us over, but the produce is delish...
...tomatoes ripening...
... green beans lengthening ...
... onions climbing up to the light ...
...beetroots, hmm - beetrooting ...
... apples turning red ...
... and flowers just being pretty.
Couldn't resist buying this as it's a saying I live by
 I also bought two bundles of wool for a £1 per bundle.  I'm making a doggy blanket with the pure wool, as it's quite itchy and thick
and I've yet to think of a use for this lovely stash of nubbly yarns
Well, my lovelies, I have an interview for my own job this week, so fingers crossed that all goes well.  
Have a wonderful week! x


  1. Everything's crossed, good luck with the interview. Lesley x

  2. such a lovely blog post- the piccy of your living room looks like mine daily hehe , especially in the holidays. love the veg growing and all those juicy toms and apples ;0)x
    sorry i hadnt realised you'd left a comment for me to email my addressy?- sorry!!!! i will have a look for your email on your profile xxxx