Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Where Did That Weekend Go!

Hello peeps!  I've been reading about everyone's lovely weekends and am glad to say I had one too.

On Saturday Mr C, Daughter C, Son-in-Law C and I went to a traditional village horticultural show as we had put entries in.  Daughter C's work colleague lives there and is on the event committee so we did our bit to help her.  The sun was hot and shiny, the birds were singing and we won some awards - what could be better?
Yummy homemade produce in Village Hall
Mr C and Daughter C by the onions
Mr C's Third Place Tomatoes
Up one place, Mr C's Brown Bread
And in First Place, Mr C's Other Tomatoes (excuse funny bit of photo at top - a long story)
Daughter C took third place in Decorated Cupcakes.  They thought she'd bought the bugs, but she'd made them from M&M's!  Would have won otherwise.
    On Sunday I had a craft stall at a Fun Day and mini Music Festival.  Again the weather triumphed but sadly people came just for the music really and I, like the other crafters, barely made back the fee I paid for the stall.  On the plus side I had loads of really nice comments including a "Wow!" from a little girl with great taste.  Still on the plus side I had a whole day of being able to sit, knit and listen to a great variety of music including folk, reggae, jazz, synth and samba. 
My stall
Still my stall
Some of the brilliant acrobatics from two of the Earthbound Misfits.  One of this clever group of people actually did all the urban free running stunts for the TV series Misfits
 Worst thing of the day?  I broke one of my best beautiful Knit Pro knitting needles getting back into the car!


  1. What a lovely weekend - well done Mr C & daughter C on your wins!

    Shame no-one was spending on Sun, but at least it wasn't anything personal xxx

  2. Well done on the family's wins. Your stall looks fabulous, full of beautiful things, such a shame no one was spending, but at least you had a nice day. xxx

  3. Oh, how I miss a village fete. Looks like you had a great time and those cupcakes look amazing! Lx

  4. Well done at the village show. How disappointing that daughter didn't win :( Sorry to hear about the show on Sunday. I did the Fab Fair earlier in the year and found the same. I get the feeling that people around here don't want to spend on hand crafted which is a shame. The only people who made any money at that were people who had bought things in for 10p and sold it on as handmade...I wasn't bitter ;)

  5. Winning prizes at shows like that is very prestigious! Well done them! I especially love the cupcakes and the ingenious decorated M&Ms! Your stall looks really lovely too... a real shame that people weren't in shopping mode. Hopefully your next selling opportunity will see more buyers :) x x x