Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly

Grandbaby 2 has managed her first smile!  I think that's very GOOD.
Also GOOD is crocheting, which I am far too heavily into for my own GOOD and the GOOD of my house, which never gets a tidy these days.  I used my £1 bundle of Gaucho pure new wool to make Bridget a little blankie, as she's getting very old now.
Third GOOD thing - completed my birdies and have plenty of other ideas rattling around my tiny brain.
BAD things - the weather, which stopped me going to a car boot sale this morning,  the short time I have to make enough stuff for my craft stall on the Sunday after next and the wait I have before I know if my interview went well enough to scoop me up the job.  Mind you, all these are very small beer compared to the

I don't want to go on about this but I'm sooooooooooo angry I just had to mention it!

Let's end on a happier note.  I've been stuck on 43 followers for ages, so I'm not going to wait for 50 and I'll be doing a giveaway very shortly.  Watch this space...


  1. I just love, love , love your little birds, so much. Bridget has a blanket fit for the beautiful old lady that she is. xx

    As for the scum of our know How I feel...GGGGGrrrrrrrH!

  2. Awww sweet baby. Fingers crossed for the job. Where's you craft fair? I'm somewhat out of touch. Seriously these riots, it's horrid & scary. A load of scumbags that will only be punished by karma. It's sad to see our lovely country like this. Nice things you've been making though - clever thing!! xx

  3. The birds are very sweet:)

    I'm so sad about what's happening back home. We're not getting as much coverage as you are but the little I've seen is awful:(

    I hope you hear good news about the job:) If I could follow you twice I would...LOL

  4. Fingers tightly crossed for the job! When do you think you'll hear back about it?