Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Buys and a Cake Plop

Strolled around the Wednesday car boot yesterday in the damp yet strangely warm morning.  The weather improved to sunny and hot but today is heavy rain - yeugh!  Just a few purchases but I also paid the charity shops a visit.  Here is my booty:
Two oh-so-cute salt and pepper pots, 50p
Two heart-shaped baking trays for 40p
Little dummy and shiny bird.  I buy the dummies and  shabby-chic them up.
Two swatches of pretty fabric
Maxwell Williams plate for 25p
Battered old stool and metal container, £2.50 the pair
 I sort of guessed that the heart trays were in the car boot because they stuck good and proper.
I was right!
However I got eight lovely cake tops which, when filled with cream and homemade plum and cherry jam and stuck together, went down a treat.
The remainder of the cake is going to be a trifle base when it grows up.

The stool is now dismantled, sanded, sugar-soaped and awaiting primer, paint and a new seat covering.  The container is primed and awaiting paint.  Why do I add so many WIPs and UFOs to my life when I have enough things already on the go?  I must like a challenge!


  1. Lucky you,what beautiful finds,
    Sue Xxx

  2. What fab finds! Shame about the heart tins but the finished result looks well yummy :D

    Jo x

  3. Hi! Love your car boot finds! The rose plate is my favourite :-)! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too and for becoming a follower!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. Ah that's a shame abut the cake tin. Pop them in the metal recycling if you're not keeping them - wouldn't want anyone else to be disappointed like you were!

    The fabric is beautiful. Another WIP?