Monday, 1 August 2011

Selling Stuff - What Fun!

On Sunday my front room became a Pop-up Shop!

I had so much stuff lurking in every orifice of my house which needed a bit of moving on, so I had a sale.  Making £137 was great but the loveliest part was the visitors, including some people I hadn't seen in ages! 
Bibbitybob, who came along with Mummy BB and Friend BB, and we enjoyed a walk round the grounds (well, the back garden) and tea in china cups in the courtyard (well, the paved bit at the top of the garden).
Daughter-in-law of C and Grandbaby C also came, complete with Cath Kidston babygro.
Three lovely friends took part in a little corsage workshop I put on and were all very proud of their first attempts.  It was really nice to see how much they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Plus a pic of one little charity shop purchase this weekend.  A £1 loo brush container makes a great knitting wool holder!


  1. £137? Excellent work!

    Thank you ever so much for adding in the recipe. I'll definitely have a go at making it.

  2. What a fun day and so nice to get rid of stuff and make some money too
    Helen x

  3. Perfect day,
    A baby in roses! its a good job i wasn't there i would have taken her home with me lol
    Congratulations on making £137,thats fantastic,
    Love Kristina xxx