Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Strange Weekend

Indeed it was.  Some sad news and some very happy news.  Just the happy news, anyway - Mr Stork brought my friend a lovely new pink baby, Amelia!  I'm so busy that I'll have to rush out and buy (yes, buy not make!) a present for her and the new big sister.  I'm currently altering bedding and curtains for my granddaughter as she is a big girl now with a big bedroom.  I'm using the cut-offs for butterfly bunting and cushion-making.  Will post pics when I get everything finished.

I had a bit of a mad session in the charity shops this morning as I wanted some items to customise for selling on.  This is the selection (I love the pig cushion!).

Hopefully several of these things will look good repurposed.  Watch this space for the updates.


  1. The floral thingies with belt buckles, and the little pansy coasters were mine! Did they come from the charity shop or a bag of bits I gave you? If they came from the charity shop that is suuuper weird - they will have been sent there during my mega house move blitz! x

  2. Wow, it is suuuper weird! I got them from the 3 things for a pound box in a chazzer! x