Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A Goodbye and a Little Jaunt

 Yesterday Mr Carrad and I went down to Luton for the funeral of a friend of the family.  It was a bit sad, but more of a celebration of Ken's life.  He was 83 and had been very ill for a long time.  He had a good life, was surrounded by loving family at the end and leaves children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to carry on his memory.  What more can anyone ask?
We stayed over afterwards at a Travelodge near Cambridge and had a meal at the Little Chef,  Their Pesto and Mozarella Burgers are very yummy - sweet potato, soya bean, mozarella and pesto.  Nom Nom Nom.
Mr Sleep, the Travelodge Bear (didn't know he was called that before)
On the way home Mr C took a detour and visited one of his happy places - the Biggest Beer Shop in Europe in Setchley near Kings Lynn.  The photo below is his stash.  The one below that is mine - Elderberry Black Ale - more Nom Nom Nom.

Mr C's beer

Mrs C's beer
We were allowed to make one further stop at Louth so we could have lunch at Mr Chips and visit the antique market.  Now Mr C (Carrad, not Chips) is much of the opinion that browsing time in the Beer Shop is infinity and browsing time in the antique market is as soon as he's fed up, so we weren't too long in there!
It was nice to get home in the end as it never stopped raining and being foggy throughout the two days.  Back to work tomorrow *sigh*

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