Monday, 14 February 2011

Family Comes First

I've been meaning to sit down and do a proper blog now I have my pics of Jasmine's new bedroom and the things I made for it, but the family had a bit of a blow yesterday.

My daughter, Gaenor, was taken to hospital with a possible mini-stroke.  Thankfully she's out today as it appears to have been a complicated migraine, with speech disorder and tingly right hand.  She has to take it easy for a bit and have an MRI as an outpatient.  It was so frightening, especially for Gaenor herself and her husband, who was in pieces as they live for each other.  I had to keep my fears back and look positive, even though I wanted to cry and cry.  Anyway, fingers crossed for a good recovery.

I promise I'll do a real blog with nice pictures as soon as I can x


  1. Sending ((hugs)) to you and your family, it must have been so frightening for all of you. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery. xxx

  2. Thanks so much for the hugs. Daughter much better - her mother much happier! x