Saturday, 19 February 2011

Little Inspirations

It's been so horribly rainy and grey today that I stayed in and made things.  That's my excuse, anyway, for not doing anything important.  I did go out yesterday with Littlelegs to buy tissue paper and other fun things to play with.  We made paper flowers, cards with stickers and scribbles and cheesy caterpillars, worms, spiders and butterflies, as per photo below:
Remember the bundle of charity shop buys a few blogs ago?  I have started reinventing them into unique items.  The plain vases and buttony belt have taken on a new lease of life.  I also used the aforementioned buttons on the stems of the plastic flowers I deconstructed.  I bent the stems into a heart shape and secured with raffia and the buttons.
An old scarf, felted, became two more "Williams" and there is still plenty to make other stuff. 
Plate, £1 and cup, £2 have "kitsched" themselves into a cakestand.  It looks much better in real life as they're both porcelain china.  How much would Kirsty charge for this?


  1. I am impressed! I could never think of such inventive makeovers and what's more they all look brilliant - well done. xxx

  2. Those hearts and vases look fab, and the cheesy bits look scrummy! Can't wait to see what you do with my little pansy coaster-y things :) x